Animal Cruelty Laws need to be Tougher! Long Island, New York.

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Myself along with thousands of others are asking for animal cruelty laws to be changed! A maximum sentence of only 2 years for beating, traumatizing and torturing any animal is basically a slap on the wrist! Laws need to be tougher! We need to be a voice for the voiceless! There are three puppies who are voiceless right now and their names are Tucker, Copper and Bella. All three were maliciously beaten, tortured, traumatized and murdered. Bella was the only one to survive after going through all of the above with over $18,000 in medical bills for her care as well as needing her leg to be amputated.

For the defendants to be getting 2 years or less for this horrific act is nothing! What is this telling the public?! That an animal's life is worth less than ours?! It sure isn't! Animals give us unconditional love. Tucker was waiting for his forever loving home, a family to love and this couple took that away from a healthy, loving puppy. There is no excuse! These people are serial animal abusers! The acts were premeditated as they went out of their way to get a dog each time and do the same thing! We only know of these three dogs, there could be more that we never heard of. Ellie Knoller and Jessica Kuncman are dangerous and their acts of violence needs severe consequences! Every time I have discussed this horrific act with others they all have the same reaction of disgust, sickened, horrified and many can't even hear the whole story because it is too painful.

Ellie Knoller and Jessica Kuncman adopted Tucker, from the North Shore Animal League. Brought him home and beat, tortured and murdered him. Then, they bought Copper and did the same thing! They then had the nerve to go back to the breeder that they bought Copper from and told the breeder that the dog was sick and died and the breeder not knowing the real story, out of the goodness of his/her heart handed them over another dog. That dog was Bella. Bella was beaten so severely that her leg needed to be amputated and she has over $18,000 in medical bills. She was the only survivor. 

I can't imagine what these dogs went through and as an animal lover my heart breaks. This couple is mentally unstable and I feel they deserve to serve a sentence that is more than 2 years. They are serial killers. I will continue along with many others to be a voice for the voiceless, because the animals don't have a voice. I volunteer at a shelter and every day we are actively looking to find loving homes for our dogs and cats. To think one was adopted into this situation is appalling!

Judge, I asked you along with all of the supporters to please respect the victims who have no voice. Tucker, Copper and Bella. Please proceed with the most severe penalties. A sentence for only 2 years needs to be upgraded to a mandatory sentence anywhere from five to fifteen years as well as a lifetime ban from being able to have any animal in any state upon release from prison not only here in Nassau County, but as well as New York State! We need to teach children and everyone that the law does not excuse, allow or enable cruelty against animals. Animals are members of our family. All they know is unconditional love. If we let these people walk away with a misdemeanor we betry the animals trust and invite Injustice into our society and teach children there are no real consequences for this inexcusable behavior! Anyone capable of torturing, beating and murdering an innocent animal deserves the maximum punishment.