Character Witnesses for Ryan Rhoades who want him reconnected with his son River Rhoades

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My soon to be ex-wife has filed a bogus restraining order against me and included my precious baby boy in her restraining order. For nearly 2 years this woman has ruled my life with threats and intimidation. If I don't do everything exactly the way she wants things done my ex-wife turns on me and begins to unjustly vilify me. This last incident I was watching my son, Melissa came in, told me to leave our house, that I pay rent on because she had friends coming over. She also asked me to take our son River somewhere for a couple hours. She suggested I take him to her yoga studio. I said I would take him to the house I own by TU, where he has games, his Choo Choo train, his little chair, a bed, toys etc. There is nothing for us to do to kill a couple hours at her yoga studio. This upset Melissa, so she made up an imaginary scenario where she said that if I took him to my house I would probably smoke cigarettes inside my house with my one year old son inside. I'm remodeling my kitchen and she said I would let him eat nails. I assured her that, neither scenario was even remotely rational. That's not who I am. I tried to load my son into my car at which point Melissa began attacking me, broke my car door handle and struggled with me till I let her take River and I called the police on her. The next day I was served a restraining order from Melissa and she had included our son River in it. I don't wish to see or have anything else to do with Melissa except for logistics of how we can properly share our baby boy without the unnecessary drama. I love my son more than I ever knew I had the capacity to love and I just want peace in our broken family. Please help reunite me with my boy and by signing you're saying that you know me, you know my character and you know that I am a fully dedicated, stay at home father. I've been there for Melissa's three sons and I've been there for our son together. Thank you!

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