A 3 month prison sentence is not long enough for a “beer bottle rape”

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Captain Rhiley Boyson of the Australian army was on Wednesday demoted, kicked out of the military and jailed for three months after he was convicted of raping a fellow officer and friend with a beer bottle.

The all-male court martial panel that sentenced Boyson today heard the victim had been lying on the ground, trying to prevent his pants from being removed when Boyson violated him with a beer bottle. The victim is currently suffering from anxiety and trauma, as a direct result of the rape.

Boyson has been taken to Holsworthy Barracks to be detained, pending an automatic review, before any transfer to a civilian jail would occur. If the review does not happen before early January, Boyson will not be dismissed from the ADF and will serve no time in prison

Sign this petition and send the message to the Australian Defence Force that anal rape with an object warrants far longer in prison than three months.