Justice for Gabriel The Great!

Justice for Gabriel The Great!

35,511 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
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Juan J. Perez, Director of Police and

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Started by Samantha Kellum

Neglected by his owner, only surrendered to Miami Dade Animal Shelter after being ordered to do so. Gabriel had many different wounds, bite marks, punctures, open infected wounds and burnt flesh & fur. Saved by a local dog rescue, he spent many weeks in the hospital getting his wounds debrided. After the dead tissue was removed, dressing changes 2-3 times a day were necessary to keep the open wound healthy and healing. Making great strides he was able to go into foster care in a home to be a normal loving dog.

Months after his rescue, justice has gone no where. No charges have been filed, no one fined, no animal ownership restrictions imposed upon his previous owner have been implemented.

Still healing 5 months later, wearing his scars & wounds Gabriel has received NO justice towards the person or persons who NEVER sought treatment for his wounds. 

Gabriel's rescuers, followers, village & all animal lovers DEMAND justice for this kind, loving gentle soul. 

Animal abuse, neglect, cruelty of any kind CAN NOT be tolerated anymore!! People involved in this type of animal treatment need to be prosecuted and held accountable!

Be the VOICE for those that don't have a voice!

35,511 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!