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JPMorgan Chase: Stop Investing in Companies that Help Support Genocide

On May 15, shareholders at JPMorgan Chase will vote on whether or not the company should make an effort to avoid investments in companies that substantially contribute to genocide or crimes against humanity.

The choice seems obvious. But JPMorgan Chase (JPM) opposes the proposal and tells shareholders that they should vote against it. JPM says it already factors human rights issues into its decision-making, even though it owns about 5% of the outstanding shares of PetroChina, worth $1.5 billion. PetroChina, through its closely related parent, China National Petroleum Company, is internationally recognized as Sudan’s largest partner in its oil industry which provides the funds used by the government to commit genocide.

You can help influence JPMorgan Chase on this important issue. Are you a JPMorgan customer? Do you have a Chase credit card or bank account? If not, you are still a potential customer. Your opinion matters to JPMorgan Chase.

Research has shown that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to having their savings tied to genocide. Your voice matters.

Please sign the petition telling Jamie Dimon, the head of JPM, that the public wants the company to adopt a genocide-free investing policy.

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    Darin Oduyoye
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    Jamie Dimon
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    Kristin Lemkau

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