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I am petitioning Chase to compensate me for the violation of the Equal Pay Act, and for the violation of their policy of a harassment free work environment.

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I am beginning this petition because JP Morgan Chase has inflicted a terrible wrong on my life and I deserve compensation. I began my relationship with them on August 17, 2005 as a consultant. I am a writer who welcomes stability, as writers often need to be stable to create. JP Morgan hired me on December 19, 2005, and it wasn't long before a coworker made a comment in regard to me liking lollipops, which went right over my head. Before long another coworker invited me to read The Kite Runner. I was honored, as I had forgotten about my own rape in Denver, Colorado in 1986 by two men, one of them was my girlfriend's brother. I trusted them, and that is how it happened; it was so painful that I jumped on the opportunity to leave for New York in 1987 with $30.00 in my pocket. While working in Housekeeping at the Brown Place Hotel in Denver, I met a woman one morning when I walked into her room to clean it. She invited me in and we began to talk. She was the PR person for a play, and i invited her to dinner with me and my mother, and she invited us to see the play. During this time, I was already a shy poet and my mom didn’t hesitate to tell her about my love of writing and books. Ms.Gayle told my mom about the writing program at Columbia University, and it stuck in my head, as something to hold onto. I suppose I went underground after the rape; my only interaction became caring for my friend James, who had gotten shot in the head twice with a .38 by way of a cross-fire. I was fired from housekeeping, and my mother was a single parent and I was the oldest, and accustomed to fending for myself. My uncle was in town, and I packed as much as I could and I lied to him and told him that I had been accepted into school, and he let me hitch a ride with him to the East Coast.


The boys, who raped me, shaved my private areas, took pictures and left me on my mother’s porch where the neighbors found me, and my panties were cut up and stuffed into my purse. Why would I want to remember that? I had no idea that this information was being circulated in the company, and I believe that they are bad debt collectors because what they did to me was seedy, uncaring and a total violation of my human dignity. My superiors used this information to contain me and they used excessive micromanagement, as I was unaware that this information was known. I spiraled into depression, and eventually ended up in an abusive relationship. I was one of the employees that remained faithful during the financial crisis in 2008, while being led to believe that I would have an opportunity for promotion. I made the wrong dating decision because I thought that maybe I was too introverted and needed to be patient. I thought that I was creating a work life balance, but I was really being abused at work. I had taken an apartment in 2007, by way of a referral to a broker from a co-worker in the company. Soon after I moved in, I began to be harassed by buyers of consumer debt. These were debts that I did not owe, and after my check would be garnished, without warning, I'd have to take my personal time off of work to fight judgments in court; only to have them dismissed. Then I would have to haggle with JP Morgan and the Marshal of the judgment to return my money. I questioned why I was receiving judgments that went as far back as 1991, and I did not receive any logical answers, except that the bank received a judgment from the court. 


It got to the point where the buyers of debt, one woman in particular would send me bogus notices just to be nasty, as if it were personal. The containment went on until my wrongful termination from the company. I was fired in retaliation for reporting harassing emails after using the company’s short term disability to take care of my mental health. After separating from my abuser, I needed to move and my manager denied me my bonus and my raise as retaliation for taking time off. I was desperate and I needed the money to move. I began to see a therapist that I was referred to by the Employee Assistance Program, as I was having an extremely difficult time. At this point, I was very upset and I began to realize that something was not right within the group that I worked in. I had blocked out the aggressive incidents from my past, yet I constantly felt triggered. If you have ever experienced abuse, you will understand that the mind becomes tricky and stubborn in order to survive; I had reached that point. I took a leave of absence, and I noticed that I began to be followed. I knew that my therapist was toying with me, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I began to fight within myself because I lived alone, and I am an introvert. When I went to other group therapy sessions I began to notice shills who would glare at me. As an introvert, this is not a good feeling at all. It was as if I was being entrapped. However, I held on and I did not go back to my abuser. It was hard because I vulnerable and it took everything in me to not go back to him, like so many victims of abuse do. It was the war inside with feelings of unworthiness. The shills who followed me instigated this unworthiness, and infringed on my new freedom.


I was scheduled to go back to work on April 18, 2012, but instead I returned on May 7th. As soon as I arrived, I received the first harassing email that was dated for April 18th. I ignored it, even though when I opened the email there was a huge cockroach reading a book, and the caption at the bottom read, “The Downside of Cohabitating.” Next I received and email with Kotex, and I deleted it. I figured it would stop, but it didn’t. I became worse. They sent me emails full of written gibberish, to pick on me as a writer, as if to say I had no talent, which isn’t true. I received emails in regard to phone service for your small business, and it still had not dawned on me that they were accusing me of prostitution. I was never a prostitute, so I had no reference point. Eventually, I reported the emails to the abuse team; next I reported them to EAP, and then I mentioned them to my manager. He became nervous, and the railroad began.  My mother came to NY to see about me, and she had lost 3 units of blood due to a bleeding ulcer on March 2, 2012. When she arrived, it was needed relief and I disclosed this fact to my manager, and they were aware of my leaving an abusive relationship. I took off three days of my vacation time, and was never late from the time that I returned to work from STD to the day that they wrongfully fired me. I was even warned by my therapist that they were going to gun for me. I was completely at a loss.


After they fired me on July 24, 2012 I retained an attorney who spoke to me in riddles. I was blacklisted and could not get a job, I knew I needed to get out of the apartment that I was in and I could not secure a lease. What I didn’t know then, was that they were following me by the GEO Locater on my IPhone, and discouraging my move. They were continuing to contain me. I now know that I became a victim of collectors of consumer debt. I had been warned about these people, and they had somehow hacked my IPhone and they were everywhere. They were in my group therapy even after I was fired, they paid people in my neighborhood, who eventually violated and somehow stole my novel SHADES OF RED from my laptop on my wireless network.I also believe that I had encountered a duplicate website that mimiced Adobe. I eventually filed with the EEOC, and received a Right to Sue letter and I was harassed even more, and even threatened by a shill that I was going to need a Public Defender. My family that I am not very close to became involved, and I have no idea what lies were told, but I was eventually locked in a mental health facility for four weeks while they rummaged through my apartment and removed my four babies (cats) and I have no idea where they are. When I contacted the therapist from JP Morgan Chase, the one they referred me to, to get my medical records, he said that they were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, yet he has told me that I owed him money after Hurricane Sandy. When I came out of the hospital, my car had been broken into and these are the documents that were stolen: my business registration, a draft of a manuscript under a pen name, my birth certificate, the title to my car and the legal documents that pertained to my case with JP Morgan Chase and the EEOC.


I’m sure JP Morgan Chase does not want to answer any of my questions, but I come from very humble beginnings, and I started out working minimum wage and seizing opportunities the honest way. I am petitioning that I be compensated. I am a woman over 40, who should not be forced to start over, while collectors of consumer debt get rich off of the working poor. My entire life is still in storage, and you have done a terrible wrong to my life. If you really mean what your commercial says about--“Chase is there, so that you can write the next great American novel,” then I would like that opportunity. I did not violate any rules or regulations, policies or procedures; I simply took advantage of a benefit that the company has to offer. I was never late, and I performed my duties to the best of my ability with an attitude of gratitude. I did not and have not received a severance, although one was offered because this is and was a violation of my civil and human rights. I do not know if the business people who oversee the company are aware of these dealings, but they do exist.


Thank you so much for your time. And please say a prayer for my babies because I do not know where they are. Please visit my website at You can leave comments, and share your experiences with me. I would appreciate that too. 


With the sincerest of gratitude,


Alicia M. Clark


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