Fight Against Urban Sprawl in Jacksonville


Fight Against Urban Sprawl in Jacksonville

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This petition serves to represent the Hickory Creek Community, Jacksonville residents, and Floridians who oppose the rezoning of 336 & 342 Girvin Rd. (Ord. 2020-288 and 2020-289).

Dear City Council Members,

We, the undersigned, ask that you listen to the majority of your constituents and halt the rezoning efforts from Low-Density Residential (LDR) to Medium Density Residential (MDR) for land development purposes. In these trying times, we need to look out for our neighbors, communities, environment, and the wildlife that inhabits our community. The Hickory Creek Community values family, safety, wildlife, and the environment more than an economic increase in an area that will only benefit wealthy land developers and others seeking to profit at the expense of others. 

We the people of Jacksonville and the State of Florida request that Jacksonville City Council Members deny the proposal for rezoning (Ordinance: 2020-288 and 2020-289) for the following reasons;

  • An environmental impact study has not been conducted. 
  • The property in question provides critical habitat for Florida wildlife, including the Gopher Tortoise which is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act and the Pileated Woodpecker protected under the U.S. Migratory Bird Act. 
  • In addition, a natural creek runs through the property, and the lush landscape has many mature trees and native plant species, some of which may be listed as threatened or endangered. 
  • The re-zoning will create a public safety risk by burdening quiet residential streets with a substantial increase in traffic. Increased traffic will lead to more traffic incidents and fatalities.
  • New land development within this existing community will decrease property value.
  • Adding a hundred new families to the area will create an abundance of light and noise pollution, as well as an increased crime rate.
  • The re-zoning is inconsistent with the surrounding areas.

The next meeting is scheduled for 08/11/2020.

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This petition made change with 932 supporters!

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