We demand fee relaxation for students and PPE’s for health care workers

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Since the emergence of Covid19 on the surface of Globe, our world is facing multiple challenges. Especially in our country, it has unveiled huge disparities and government’s ignorance of many segments of society which include students, health care workers and factory workers.

Students have been forced by government to attend Online Classes when it is clear that all areas of this country do not have proper internet connection. Moreover they are being charged of full fee in these times when a lot of people are jobless and facing financial constraints, in some cases the fee is increased by many folds (FCCU) and in other cases students are sent fee notifications when there haven’t been any classes at all, not even the online classes (GCU Lahore). Therefore Progressive Students’ Collective on account of the protests by the students of this country and disputed territories demands that 

1- Waive off the fee by 70% since they can’t pay full fee due to financial constraints

2- Call off online classes until May 31st, meanwhile the government should improve the quality of these classes

3- Provide free and quality Internet to all the areas of country and disputed territories

Moreover, Progressive Students’ Collective also demands that government should provide health care workers with PPE’s who are People’s first line of defence against Covid19.
While Government should ensure that no employee should be fired from workplace by taking strict action against the employers who are firing  the workers in these times of crisis.

Progressive Students’ Collective urge all the Students, Health Care Workers, Academics, Journalists, Activists, and all the conscious members of our society to sign this petition.