Say NO To Buffy Reboot 2018!

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then let this generation have their own slayer!

Simply put:

''Buffy The Vampire Slayer'' has ran for 7 Seasons, expanded to another 5 Seasons of it's successful spin-off ''Angel'', a continuation/alternative continuation on comic books that went as far as Season 11, there are also plans for a Season 12 apparently... let's not forget ''Angel & Faith'' and ''Fray'' spin-offs, and let alone the countless books out there.

A reboot will cause nothing but confusion, Buffy is literally everywhere and new fans of the reboot will have a hard time figuring out what belongs to who. 

We would love to see another Slayer, but not a replacement to Buffy. How does making Buffy an African-American do any justice to that community? It sends a stronger message to create a new African-American hero who has her own story, we would be happy to support that idea, it gives the opportunity to continue the story in the past or future.

New fans and old fans will be very excited to see the universe live on, but rebooting it means killing the old, and we're not down for that.

Don't fix what's not broken.
Continuation over Reboot.

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