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Ban Non Recyclable Plastics in Australia by 2022

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We wish to see and demand new systems implemented to replace single use plastics, such as; Plastic Straws, Utensils, Plates & Bowls, Plastic Bottles & Plastic 6 pack Rings.

These Non Recyclable Single Use Plastics are unnecessary and come from Non Renewable sources such as Fossil Fuels. From the beginning of production through to disposal they are wrecking havoc on the environment at large. It's no secret that these plastics are polluting both our waterways and landfills effecting creatures large and small and when the Earth Suffers, We suffer. When the Earth Thrives, We Thrive.

Lets build a sustainable future starting NOW! Lets replace these unhealthy items and practices with more Eco friendly solutions such as:

  • Bio-Plastics - made from natural materials designed to Bio degrade such as corn starch, sugar, vegetable fats, oils and more.
  • Hemp - The worlds most VERSATILE Natural fiber that heals the land as it grows!
  • Bamboo Products and more.

Our mission is to Ban these harmful plastics by 2022 to give our Earth a fighting chance to recover and rejuvenate after the 100+ years of plastic pollution it has endured.
Nature has provided an abundance of natural materials to work and play with.
Lets live like nature intended us to!

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Courtney Lee needs your help with “Josh Frydenberg - Minister of Environment and Energy: Ban Single Use Plastics (Straws, Bottles, Eatery & 6 Pack Rings) in Australia by 2022”. Join Courtney and 12,657 supporters today.