Close the Ukrainian Sky

Close the Ukrainian Sky

February 28, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nadiia Bagin

Dear President Biden:

My name is Nadiia which in Ukrainian means HOPE. 40+ years ago, being a little girl, I was fooled by Soviet Propaganda that The USA President Ronald Reagan was the one who started the cold nuclear war, and I put all my little heart into a fierce poem urging him to stop that immediately. Fast forward 40 years, I stood in The Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, looking at his Bible along with the piece of Berlin wall and realizing the extent of brainwashing through which I went as a child.

The past five days have been some of the most difficult days in the history of Ukraine and for me personally. On February 23, Russia brutally attacked and bombed the peace-loving nation of my motherland Ukraine where my elderly mom, 76, still lives and has to hide from Russian bombs in her bathroom because she has no strength to go down to the shelter. To say that it breaks my heart is to say nothing at all: my heart is no more, and instead of it, there is only a ripped open bleeding wound, crying out for help to the President of the USA yet again!

As I am writing this petition, Ukraine still stands and, so far, has shown to the world that it is united and will never give up. The Ukrainian Army is fighting extremely well and has shown that the enemy can be beaten. In fact, I wholeheartedly believe that the outcome of this horrible war will be the end of the Putin Regime.  

Now, due to the lack of options, the enemy started to shell innocent citizens, like my elderly mom, to place fear so that Ukraine would give up. But Putin clearly does not know our people. Everyone who can hold a weapon has risen to defend the capital, including students and retired citizens. But they cannot defend themselves from the shelling. Therefore, we are asking you to help:

1)     Ukraine needs air defense systems. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has been in contact with the Pentagon requesting help to protect the Ukrainian sky by supplying large quantities man-portable air-defense system Stinger and anti-tank Javelin missiles.

2)     Russia needs to be condemned for war acts against humanity. They have been shelling cities, killing innocent people and, according to the US intelligence, they have created lists of people to eliminate first once they take over. How can a country like this be a part of the United Nations Security Council? We ask the United States to initiate a procedure of removing Russia from the United Nations Security Council.

3)     Russia needs to pay a steeper financial price for war. We ask you to impose severe sanctions against Russian banks, their financial assets and disconnect ALL (and not just some) banks from SWIFT. We urge you to impose embargo on Russian oil and gas. We understand that it will be costly to the US economy, but it is a justified price to stop the Russian genocide against Ukrainian people.

As an American resident, I am asking you, Mr. President, to take immediate actions to help Ukraine defend itself from Russian war acts against humanity. Everything that the entire civilized world believed in and built up thus far is at stake. Will you help me and other members of Ukrainian diaspora that reside in this beautiful free country?

Thank you for standing with Ukraine in words and actions!


Nadiia Bagin.

The list of issues supporting Ukraine against Russian invasion based on the position of Ukrainian authorities:

1. Political

-       Holding Putin and his accomplices responsible for crimes (announce the beginning of investigations, or an appeal to independent prosecutors)

-       Consider launching peacemaking mission without the consent of the aggressor

-       Security guarantees (bilateral or through NATO membership)

-       Severing diplomatic relations and expelling all diplomats

-       Removing Russia from the UN Security Council

2. Sanctions

-       Full prohibition of all operations with Russian sovereign debt, without exceptions

-       Sanctions on all Russian banks and financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Russia

-       Sanctions on all Russian companies, including energy and oil and gas

-       Disconnecting Russia from SWIFT and all payment systems

-       Disconnecting Russia from MasterCard and Visa

-       Banning flights for any Russian air carriers

-       Full embargo on Russian oil and gas

-       Delist all Russian companies from stock exchanges

-       Full prohibition on export of technologies to Russia

-       A ban on US companies supplying and updating software in the interests of Russian consumers

-       A ban on the supply of American telecommunications products, incl. microelectronics, to the territory of the Russian Federation

-       Cancelling visas and deporting from the U.S. all Russians who support the Russian regime and its crimes, shutting down all Russian “cultural” centers

-       Revoking licenses of all Russian media abroad

-       Sanctions and cancelling of documents of all Russian oligarchs

3. Military support

-       All that is currently provided increased multiple times

-       Antitank, anti-air (Stingers, Javelins, ammo)

-       American military ships in the Black Sea

-       No Fly Zone over Ukraine

4. Humanitarian and financial support of Ukraine

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Signatures: 1,236Next Goal: 1,500
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