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Do La Estrella Adult DayCare, South Flores abuse their clients?

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La Estrella Adult Daycare  aka,Ramhia Inc., has some serious issues. In the past this daycare allowed a registered sex offender to attend the daycare as a client. Then this Sex offender started to harrass and stalk other clients.  It was months that passed before the sex offender was removed. As months passed they have gone through a number of directors. One by one they were fired. All of them are bad. This daycare has serious  problems. Some of the problems are the following:

  1. Constant gas leaks on the kitchen stove. (I remember CPS Energy called and clients evacuated. (fire risk)
  2. Restrooms are filthy. (A clients pee on the floor and staff complains about cleaning it up.) See Here
  3. Favortism and Sexual harassment. (Clients specially harass other clients and staff covers it up.)
  4. Racism. On Martin Luther King Jr day in front of a African American client she refer to black people as (Coloured People) In addition the Director said I was taking advantage of being African American. See here
  5. Retaliation against Whistleblowers. (Everytime the state come to investgate clients are mistreated to oncover Whistleblowers.)
  6. Lying. (Daycare employee lie to state investigators to avoid stop offending behavior.)
  7. Discharge of Whistleblowers instead of fix problems. (Now they can abuse clients all they want.)
  8. Assault and cover ups. (A client punched another client 3 times in the face and staff with the help of paid clients covered it up. See here.) Also see here. (Update: Three weeks after the first assault, another woman was reported to been beaten resulted in a injury. Both clients was not seen at the daycare again. Second cover up!)  
  9. Lies. ( They lie about everything and get other employees and clients to lie also.
  10. Retaliation  against clients to for their own sadistic reasons.)

        11. Retaliation for online petition. (Petitions is a First Admindment right. Daycare employee are known to  retaliate against online petitions. (Treats of court actions, Police calls etc.)

12. On July 28, 2017 a client from La Estrella's sister facility (San Fernando) came to the La Estrella Adult Daycare (South Flores) propositioned a female client that he didn't know to give her money and gifts in return for sexual favors. He promised that he will give her money from his government cheak and buy her anything she wants if she marry him and have his child. He told her how her appearance excited him and he wanted her and will pay to have her. When reported to employees the director was so slow to respond another client was sexually harassed and sexually exploited in front of numerous employee and clients and a live DJ.

13. On July 28, 2017 a client from La Estrella's sister facility (San Fernando) came to the La Estrella Adult Daycare (South Flores) and Sexual Harassment a female client offering money for sexual favors. This was reported to staff members who did not respond appropriately and immediately. As a result of this another client was sexually harassed and exploited or (allegedly) Sexually Assaulted while dancing at the daycare birthday party. The inappropriate dirty dance style was without the female client's consent. The client report the incident to employees. Then and only then the director responded to the sexual harassment and exploitation allegations.

14. . On July 28, 2017 a client from La Estrella's sister facility (San Fernando) came to the La Estrella Adult Daycare (South Flores) with the sole purpose of sexually exploiting female clients. He asked sexual favors from one client and danced in inappropriately with another client. If the director acted immediately on sexual harassment allegations the second client never would have been exploited. Both clients was neglected and their safety was not protected by letting a client/visitor to "Run Amok" trying to sexual gratify himself to The expense of female clients with intellectual, psychological and developmental disabilities.

14.  On July 28, 2017 a client from La Estrella's sister facility (San Fernando) came to the La Adult Daycare (South Flores) After asking one client for sexual favors and violating another client while dancing at La Estrella Adult Daycare's birthday party the director finally acted on the allegations a sexual exploitation and sexual harassment. It was a little bit too late because these clients was already exploited. After she finally responded the San Antonio Police Department had to be called because of a disturbance that occurred during a confrontation between the director and the client from San Fernando. This occurrence alarm and made clients feel unsafe.

This daycare is horrible and I personly seen what that allow to happen. I was illegaly discharged for reporting safety issues. The female client was beaten up and they covered it up. See here It time to ensure the safety for all clients at the daycare.

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Please excuse any misspellings, typos or grammatical errors in this petition. This petition is from clients with intellectual disorders & Mental Illnesses. We make mistakes in spelling and for us that is normal. However, we ask for your signature and for your to share with friends & family on your social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and others and word of mouth and even church groups.

Thanks in advance and remember as this petition go forward clients at La Estrella Adult Daycare & Activity Center are still being physically assaulted discharged from membership for being victims of Sexual Harassment, called in the office and ridiculed & yelled and interrogated because of State Regulatory Investigations. To be honest with you Elderly and mentally disabled people being subjected to abuse is horrible. Eventually, there's a possibility or somebody being seriously injured or killed.

That possibility that's too much for us as a society to allow. That possibility puts people at risk.


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