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I am a 70-year-old Finish grandmother who has been knocked from pillar to post by Spain's ludicrous bureaucracy .
Like many unwitting expats before me, I fell foul of irregularities in Spanish property law and have been left homeless, penniless and with heart problems as a result of the constant stress.
Misinformed and lied to by a string a lawyers and barristers I built a small 30m2 loft extension to my property in Estepona's Seghers community in 2005.
Not being native to Spain I trusted the experts to sort out all  necessary planning permissions and licences. As far as I was concerned I had done everything above board and built in good faith.
Three years later my Spanish dream came crashing down as I was ordered to demolish my extension and pay a €23,400 fine to the town hall.
Now, at this point, I must mention that my Spanish next-door neighbour built an identical extension to mine with the same builders with absolutely no planning permissions... and yet, to this day, he has been allowed to live a carefree life.Furthermore, there are dozens of identical extensions in the urbanization… is this discrimination? Bullying? Or even racism?
Fastforward ten years, countless lawyers and a never-ending battle with my community and the town hall and my extension has been ripped down, leaving me homeless and heartbroken.
The town hall has now issued me a licence to rebuild a smaller extension (15m2) but for unknown and inexplicable reasons, my community are protesting the decision and my home has been left as a construction site.
What was supposed to be an eight week job has dragged on for five months as the community's high-and-mighty voice booms louder than the town hall's ruling.
To add insult to injury, Estepona town hall are still making me pay the €23,400. I am 70 years old, on a small pension. All my money has been lost to lawyers and court fees. And I am running out of time, with the town hall demanding the money by September 20.
The rebuild itself is costing me €35,000. If you add that to the fine then it comes to €58,400 to tear down an extension and then rebuild it. 
The property is only valued at €52,000-€73,000. Ludicrous.

My aim is to collect as many signatories as possible to present my petition to the Mayor of Estepona to beg him to annul or reduce my unjustified, huge fine €23,400.

I am desperate for all the help I can get to gather funds together to pay my fine, to save my home and restart my life.

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