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Please Help Save Moose the Dog's Life!

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This is the story of a dog, who was simply scared and lost and doesn't deserve to be put down.  The lady who he growled at, was also feeding him.  She made the decision to feed this dog, not knowing that the dog doesn't deal the best with other people/animals.  This dog shouldn't have gotten out of the house and if the owner can keep the dog he will enact tougher security measures to make sure he stays within his boundaries.

From the Owner: 

Moose is my best friend. He is a Cane Corso, and Italian mastiff. Moose is very protective, and has been order to be "humanely destroyed" by the city of Killeen. I am appealing the decision. In order to do so, I must post a $1,000 bond, and a $1,000.00 retainer to hire a lawyer to submit the appeal and to help me fight this case. Moose has been away from home since May 22nd and has been locked up in the shelter since June 10th, 2017. Moose was found missing on May 22nd. On June 10th, I received a call that he was captured and that I needed to go to the shelter and visit with the animal control officer. I was told that he was aggressive towards a lady whose property he had taken shelter at, as well as towards animal control when they went to pick him up. I rescued Moose when he was five months old and he has been through a lot. He is excellent with my ex wife and my three year old son, as well as my dad and me. He does not do well with other people or dogs. I am hoping to fight the court to either keep him myself, or at least be put in a rescue or sanctuary. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to do this myself and I'm seeking help to get Moose his freedom.

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