Changing the Joplin Schools Dress Code

Changing the Joplin Schools Dress Code

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Started by NaKayla Johnson

I am in eighth grade and I just turned 14. So for the sake of us, I would like to change the dress code. I mean the dress code is just teachers sexualizing children. So I would like to tell my experience in the past month with dress code

So it's winter but our school gets hot. I was wearing shorts that went down to my mid-thigh and got dress coded for about 3 cm of fingertip. I called my aunt to bring me more pants and got grounded because of the length of my shorts.

Here another, on my birthday I was wearing a floral dress, once again it went to mid-thigh and I got dress coded because "it looked like a nightgown" I know, stupid

Here's my last one, today (12/9) I was wearing a cute little cropped shirt with some high-waisted pants. I was holding some cardboard and you could see my stomach. Instead of these two teachers just telling me to not wear it again, they just sat there and criticized me. If you think that's bad it gets way worse, then some friends of mine and I were talking to our teacher telling her that it's stupid and she humiliated me in front of my class. I was later talking with this one boy and he kept telling me that "it doesn't matter what we wear, no guys are distracted by it. It's just the teacher." and he's right because I have quite a few guy friends and they have never talked about the way my body looks or how I dress. Later in the day I was in the gym and I changed into shorts, but I forgot my shirt so I had to make do with the cropped one and anyways my gym coach made me wear a hoodie or have one tied around my waist because of my stomach.

I'm not here to tell my school it's the worst school ever because there are worse, but I'm just trying to stand up for what is right. I hope you consider signing this and just remember, these are only my stories.

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!