Petitioning Airport Board Member Mr. Tim Forker and 17 others

Joplin, Missouri Airport Board and City Council: Preserve, protect and maintain Runway 5-23 in the new 20-year Master Plan for the Joplin, Missouri Regional Airport

Runway 5-23 at the Joplin Regional Airport is critical to safe flying operations, especially for the large percentage of airport users and tenants who fly smaller and lighter "general aviation" (non-airline) aircraft.  It is therefore essential that provisions be made in the new 20-year Airport Master Plan to preserve, protect and maintain this longstanding and valuable safety resource.

If Runway 5-23 is ever allowed to be destroyed, it will be gone forever.  There will be no getting it back.  To prevent a grave mistake, please urge the Joplin Airport Board and City Council to preserve and protect Runway 5-23 in the new 20-year Airport Master Plan.

Web links:

FAA All-Weather Wind Rose Form

National Climate Data Center (NCDC) Hourly Data Source


Letter to
Airport Board Member Mr. Tim Forker
Director of Public Works Mr. Nicholas A. Heatherly
City Council Member Dr. Benjamin D. Rosenberg
and 15 others
Mayor Ms. Melodee Colbert-Kean
City Council Member Mr. Gary Shaw
City Council Member Ms. Trisha Raney
City Council Member Mr. Jack Golden
City Council Member Mr. Bill Scearce
City Council Member Mr. Morris Glaze
City Council Member Mr. Mike Woolston
Joplin City Manager Mr. R. Mark Rohr
Airport Board Member Mr. Melvin Walbridge
Airport Board Member Mr. Richard Russell
Airport Board Member Mr. Maurice Clark
Airport Board Member Mr. Randy Moore
Airport Board Member Mr. Bob Loudermilk
Airport Board Member Mr. Ryan Jackson
City Council Member Mr. Michael Seibert
Please vote to preserve, protect and maintain Runway 5-23 in the new 20-year Master Plan for the Joplin, Missouri Municipal Airport, as advocated by the Joplin Airport Users Group.

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