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Creative housing provision for Rushcliffe residents that utilises the A453 infrastructure

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Rushcliffe Borough Council need to find a creative solution to the current national housing crisis. A new development along the A453 corridor would utilise the new dual carriageway, tram, East Midlands airport and potential HS2 connection. Central government expects 13,150 new homes to be built within the borough of Rushcliffe. This is an exciting opportunity to plan a new settlement that would reflect the needs of current and future Rushcliffe residents. There is a need for affordable housing, by that I mean affordable to families earning the minimum wage, graduates with student loans, pensioners dependent on the state pension. There is a need for secure tenancies so that children can succeed in education and adults can maintain employment, RBC should deliver the best solution - council housing. There is a need for suitable housing for elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents, a new settlement can reflect co-operative housing solutions. There is a need for eco friendly, bio-climatic housing. RBC could work with architects and self builders.

Unfair education funding cuts imposed by central government could result in a deterioration in the current provision of school places, class sizes and number of teachers etc. Many residents are already concerned about the impact the current Local Plan will have on their villages. A new settlement is an opportunity to deliver a more cost effective solution to increased infrastructure needs like, schools, doctor's surgeries and recreational spaces.

Our villages have unique personalities that many residents are concerned will be lost if unthoughtful developments are imposed on their communities. A new settlement could be an opportunity to build a new village with a character that truly represents the needs and wishes of all the new residents that will hopefully love living there for generations to come. A new village that reflects a sustainable, environmentally friendly future that we all need and want. A great legacy for Rushcliffe Borough Council! 


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