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Jon Stewart! Take on 'Gators' of Gainesville


We've tried everything to urge Gainesville, FL city leaders to remove the irrational, short-sighted, mean-spirited meal limit at St. Francis House. They can only serve 130 a day, even though hundreds more are hungry,  soup kitchen supplies are abundant and volunteers are willing and able.'s petitioners have sent over 4,000 pleas to the mayor and city council. Nada.

Local activists have haraunged and marched. Still nothing.

Influential bloggers point out the absurdity...and a crack in the "gator cage" appears. The Daily Show forum picked up on the HuffPost and sparked the possibility that the esteemed Jon Stewart might be interested in covering this issue.

We say: Call in the Big Dog, Jon Stewart, to take a stand for the millions of hungry people in America that can get stomped on, starting with Gainesville.

Letter to
The Daily Show Jon Stewart
Hungry people across America need a hero! St. Francis House in Gainesville, FL works hard to feed the hungry, but local officials force a meal limit (130) that keeps hundreds from getting food. We want The Daily Show to tackle this issue.

It's easy to bully the poor. It's easy to demonize homeless people. And Gainesville leaders seem to be getting away with it. Local activists and national bloggers have taken up this issue, but the city council refuses to bend. In the meantime, the soup kitchen fearfully shuts down after registering #130, knowing that their license to operate is at risk.

It's time for a "Florida Vacation," in, say, Gainesville, where you or your minions can roast some gator meat and serve it to the city council on a stick. How 'bout it?

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