Immediate and Full Reinstatement of Police Sergeant Javier Esqueda

Immediate and Full Reinstatement of Police Sergeant Javier Esqueda

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For 5 months Joliet Police Department covered up Police Brutality, Police Misconduct, and possible involvement in Eric Lurry's death. .  The family of Eric Lurry had no answers as to what happened or why their loved one has died. 

The Sergeant on scene can be seen slapping Eric Lurry, calling him a "Bitch", and cutting off his air supply for almost 2 minutes.  Another officer can been shoving a baton in the victims mouth.  This goes against current police procedure and Illinois law. 

Joliet Police Sergeant Esqueda released information to the public in regards to the videos withheld from the family. The response of Nicole Lurry (widow) and the response from her attorney can be seen here:

Since releasing the video, and doing his civic duty, Joliet PD has retaliated by stripping him of all his police powers.  

In Illinois it is illegal to retaliate against a whistleblower but they have done so anyway. News source on the retaliation can be seen here:

Joliet Police Sergeant Javier Esqueda is absolutely the type of police officers we need on the force.  We need the ones who help fight injustices. 

Please sign to help reinstated him to full active duty.

It is also encouraged that you reach out independent of signing this petition to the Joliet City Council, Joliet Police Department, Illinois State Representatives, the Will County Attorney General's Office, and the Illinois State Attorney General's Office.