TNR Stray cats in Indonesia

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Hundreds and thousands of cats and dogs are captured and culled each year by the Indonesian government to control the growing feral populations.

Whilst this is a major problem in Indonesia, the answer is not to cull these animals, but to trap, neuter and return them. It is evident to anyone who has witnessed the vast amounts of strays in Indonesia that something more long term needs to be done.
Stray animals are living in squalor, abused by people who are uneducated about animal welfare, they are usually sick, injured and slowly starving to death. Many animals are seen hanging around rubbish tips and street vendors, they may carry diseases, become aggressive, and looked at as pests. Hundreds of kittens and puppies are cruelly taken away from their mothers and dumped, they will starve to death, die from hypothermia or killed on the road or by another animal. It's hard to witness this, it's even harder for the animals. 

The government are tackling this situation by trapping and culling as many cats and dogs as they can. But this will not stop the problem, there will still be kittens and puppies born on the street every day, and the unnecessary killing of animals will never stop. They also have no idea if the animals are pets or strays. 

What is needed is better education, the people of Indonesia need to be taught to neuter their pets, and to take better care of them. The feral population should be trapped, neutered and returned. This will slow down and even stop the growing problem of sick and injured animals who are seen as a problem. A slight nick on their ear will show that they have been neutered. 

When you neuter an animal, they are less likely to roam about, they will not feel the need to fight, neutering prevents certain diseases, they cannot have any more babies. After a period of time, the populations will decrease, and you will find that more people are likely to accept this option and be at ease with TNR rather than mindless slaughtering. There have been many amazing success stories with many countries who TNR, I think Indonesia should be the next big success story here. 

Please sign this petition to show the Indonesian government that there is another option. They do not need to murder animals unnecessarily.