Support the People's Voice: PRESIDENT, 2022-2024 IS NOT THE TIME TO MOVE THE CAPITAL

Support the People's Voice: PRESIDENT, 2022-2024 IS NOT THE TIME TO MOVE THE CAPITAL

36.977 telah menandatangani. Mari kita ke 50.000.

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Support the People's Voice: PRESIDENT, 2022-2024 IS NOT THE TIME TO MOVE THE CAPITAL

We, the initiators, invite all Indonesian citizens to support the call for the President to stop the plan to relocate and build the nation's capital in Kalimantan.

Moving the National Capital (IKN) in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation is not appropriate.

Moreover, the condition of the people is in difficult conditions economically so that there is no urgency for the government to move the country's capital city.

Moreover, at this time the government must focus on handling the new variant of omicron which requires large funds from the APBN and PEN.

The development of the National Capital at a time like this should be considered carefully, Indonesia currently has a large foreign debt, a large APBN deficit of more than 3% and a declining state income.

It would be very wise if the President did not impose state finances to finance the project. While other basic infrastructure in some areas is still poor, schools are damaged, neglected and some village bridges are neglected and not maintained.

The project of moving and building the new nation's capital will not benefit the people as a whole and only benefit a few people.

Therefore, relocating the nation's capital city from Jakarta is a form of policy that does not favor the public at large, but only to the organizers of the development project.

The preparation of academic texts on the development of the New State Capital was not compiled in a comprehensive and participatory manner, especially the environmental impact and financial support capacity as well as the geological and geostrategic situation in the midst of a pandemic.

The location chosen has the potential to eliminate liability for the damage caused by coal mine managers. There are recorded as many as 73,584 hectares of coal mining concessions in the IKN area that must be accounted for.

The big question for the public is whether the interest in moving the new capital is in the public interest.

We think that now is not the right time to move the State Capital from Jakarta to Penajam Pasir Utara, East Kalimantan.

We invite all children of the nation who care about the future of the Nation and the Sovereignty of the Nation to sign on

Thank you

Organized by Narasi Institute
Achmad Nur Hidayat (CEO and Co-Founder of Narasi Institute)

(Personal Contact : +62 811-975-643)

1. Prof. Dr. Sri Edi Swasono
2. Prof. Dr. Azyumardi Azra
3. Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin
4. Dr. Anwar Hafid
5. Prof. Dr. Nurhayati Djamas
6. Prof. Dr. Daniel Mohammad Rasyied
7. Mayjen Purn Deddy Budiman
8. Prof. Dr. Busyro Muqodas
9. Faisal Basri MA
10. Prof. Dr. Didin S. Damanhuri
11. Prof. Dr. Widi Agus Pratikto
12. Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab
13. Jilal Mardhani
14. Dr. Muhamad Said Didu
15. Dr. Anthony Budiawan
16. Prof Dr. Carunia Mulya Firdausy
17. Drs. Mas Ahmad Daniri MA
18. Dr. TB. Massa Djafar
19. Abdurahman Syebubakar
20. Prijanto Soemantri
21. Prof Syaiful Bakhry
22. Prof Zaenal Arifin Hosein
23. Dr. Ahmad Yani
24. Dr. Umar Husin
25. Dr. Ibnu Sina Chandra Negara
26. Merdiansa Paputungan SH, MH
27. Nur Ansyari SH, MH
28. Dr. Ade Junjungan Said
29. Dr. Gatot Aprianto
30. Dr. Fadhil Hasan
31. Dr. Abdul Malik
32. Achmad Nur Hidayat MPP
33. Dr. Sabriati Aziz M.Pd.I
34. Ir. Moch. Najib YN, MSc
35. Muhamad Hilmi
36. Dr.Engkur, SIP, MM
37. Dr. Marfuah Musthofa
38. Dr. Masri Sitanggang
39. Dr. Mohamad Noer
40. Ir. Sritomo W Soebroto MSc
41. M. Hatta Taliwang
42. Prof Dr. Mas Roro Lilik Ekowanti, MS
43. Reza Indragiri Amriel
44. Mufidah Said SE MM
45. Ramli Kamidin

36.977 telah menandatangani. Mari kita ke 50.000.