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#StoptheDAMage to a newly discovered species of Great Ape: the Tapanuli orangutan

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The forests of Batang Toru are some of the most diverse and ecologically rich in the world. They are also home to a newly discovered species of orangutan; Tapanuli orangutan, or Pongo tapanuliensis. There are only 800 of these  beautiful creatures left in the wild making them critically endangered.  "It would be bitterly ironic if it goes extinct as a biologically viable population just as it is described as a new species,” says Galdikas, a leading orangutan expert and primatologist.  Not only is this affecting orangutans, but also many other valuable and priceless plants and animals such as the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. Groups of Indigenous people that inhabit the Batang Toru forest have been warned that they will be 'evicted from their ancestral lands.' 

Orangutans are intelligent creatures who share 98% of their DNA with humans. They are sentient and perceptive. They are already struggling to survive due to many factors such as intensive agriculture like palm oil farming. Surely we can stop the creation of ONE dam to save not only 800 lives, but a whole species. If you agree, please sign the petition and help stop the #DAMage.

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