Save Leuser: Reject the Aceh Spatial Plan

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To Irwandi Yusuf,

In November 2016 the petition to reject the Aceh spatial plan was turned down. We are appalled and confused at why this decision was made.

The leuser ecosystem provides drinking water to millions of people. It is the last place on earth where rhinos, tigers, elephants, and orangutans live together in the wild. Destroying these forests has led to droughts, landslides, and floods. Indigenous people are being forced from their homes. The situation has become increasingly dire. Less than a quarter of Sumatra's forests are left and most of what is left is being eaten away by roads, dams, and palm oil plantations. 

The NGO's who work to protect the leuser ecosystem are making an appeal, but the world at large is concerned as well. We ask that you reject the spatial plan and protect the leuser ecosystem indefinitely for many years to come.

Protecting the environment is not at odds with development. We merely ask that you leave the leuser ecosytem intact and pristine for future generations. This is imperative for the survival of some of the earth's most charismatic species. Please keep Aceh green forever!!!

Best Regards, Nicholas Alden