Save St. Thomas - Change the Use and Save the School

Save St. Thomas - Change the Use and Save the School

November 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Joel Barrett

Join your neighbors and community in saving Irondequoit’s decaying St. Thomas School building by changing the use and redeveloping the property.

Without immediate and significant action, the century-old school off St. Paul Boulevard will fall into a state of disrepair that will make redevelopment impossible. The school building will remain vacant and slowly deteriorate over many years, creating blight and dangerous conditions for the community until the building eventually is condemned. 

Please take a moment to read the details of our redevelopment plan and sign this petition to support a change in use for the property. 

We currently are considering two possible concepts for repurposing the school building. A commercial use could feature, for example, a coffee shop, event space, day care, artist studios, offices, and small business and maker space on the lower level. A second possibility is to convert the building into high-end, market-rate apartments at rents that would be less than the cost of owning a home in Irondequoit. 

Another possible approach would be a mixed-use project combining elements of the commercial and residential concepts.

We are Irondequoit natives and IHS graduates who care deeply about our community. We are especially excited about this first venture in our hometown and value our responsibility as stewards of this landmark.

But this is not solely our project. We want you to see this as your project, as well, and work with us as stakeholders in formulating a plan to best benefit the neighborhood and town.

We point with pride to our work restoring homes in the city’s North Winton Village near Irondequoit, rehabbing a vacant historic mansion, building townhomes and converting an old manufacturing site on the canal in Fairport into residential units.

Please join us in saving an Irondequoit landmark and support the change in use required to make this happen.

Joel Barrett (Founder, 43 North Real Estate and Bace Build)
Gary Muisus
Jared Muisus
Matt Muisus

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Signatures: 306Next Goal: 500
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