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Join Rosario: Pledge to register a new voter in 2012


A message from Rosario Dawson, Actor:

"The voter registration gap -- which keeps young people and people of color out of the voting process -- has to close.

Each month, more than 50,000 American Latinos turn 18. The voter registration gap hurts young Latinos the worst -- fewer than 39% of them were registered to vote in 2008.

Closing this gap and empowering every American with their vote is actually pretty simple -- it just takes every single one of us committing to register a new voter this year and make sure Latinos represent on Election Day.

To fix what’s wrong with America, we have to change who actually votes in America. That’s why this year, it’s on all of us together to Attack The Gap and pledge to register Latino voters.

Since 2008, more than 2.8 million new Latino voters could have registered and started shaking things up in their community by voting.

But the majority of these young people have been left out of the political process. And new voting restrictions in many states are only making things worse, keeping would-be voters away from the system before they ever exercise their rights.

That’s why I’m so committed to this work -- to make sure that in 2012, more young Latinos register than ever before, so that they too can claim a better future through voting. When you sign the pledge, Voto Latino will match your pledge with a commitment to register one additional Latino voter.

When Americans turn 18, we should be making every possible effort to get them voting. But right now, way too many young Latinos are slipping through the cracks. If we don’t take action this year to get young Latinos registered and voting, our democratic process suffers and we all lose out.

No matter where you come from, or what your own personal politics might be, the right to register and vote is central to our democracy. Today, that right is being eroded by a lack of education and outreach that lifts up the role of voting in our communities.

It’s up to all of us to protect the vote, and to help close the voter registration gap before the November elections."

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