Remove MMT from gas in Canada

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Our health may be in danger because of a chemical we are exposed to in our everyday life. MMT is a substance added to gas, which is a suspected neurotoxin, which means it could contribute to degrading neurological health and cognitive functions. Automakers have also said it interferes with cars’ diagnostic systems. It was banned in the EU and Canada because of the potential health threat it posed to the public.

However, Ethyl Corporation, a U.S. chemical company, sued the Canadian government because they believed this ban was against the right to free-trade that the NAFTA provided them with. They won, therefore MMT became legal in Canada again and is in our gas supplies.

The Canadian government needs to apply the precautionary principle* and pass a law to ban this substance to improve the quality of life of Canadians.

Please join me in asking Catherine McKenna,  the Minister of Environment & Climate Change, to put our health ahead of trade and remove MMT from gas in Canada. 

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*precautionary principle:
the principle that the introduction of a new product or process whose ultimate effects are disputed or unknown should be resisted. It has mainly been used to prohibit the importation of genetically modified organisms and food.

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