If you have traveled through the Arroyo Seco on scenic Avenue 64, you have hopefully noticed it is a historically significant residential area, well-traveled by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike.  You might have also noticed traffic violations abound whether traveling north or south on the street.  The only existing traffic control intervention made jointly by the Cities of Los Angeles and Pasadena, namely the 4-way stop signs located at the intersection of Avenue 64 and Church Street, was completed in 2004 at the request of residents living in the vicinity.  Also in 2004, a request for crosswalks at the intersection made by the same community of neighbors was ignored completely by the cities.  Read about the old story here:   http://www.boulevardsentinel.com/12-2003.htm   The aforementioned intersection has not completely solved the safety concerns that exist along Avenue 64 in both cities. Speeding, tailgating, passing in the center lane, and ignoring stop signs all continue to endanger those who use Avenue 64 on a daily basis.  

On July 7th, 2013, a community meeting was held at the Church of the Angels to discuss concerns related to public safety while traveling on Avenue 64.  The Avenue 64 Coalition was formed from this meeting, consisting of a core group of neighbors who reside in Los Angeles and Pasadena. Our mission is to ensure City Representatives will work collaboratively with one another and with us to change Avenue 64 into a safer street for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Avenue 64 is a public safety hazard and your support is needed to ensure collaboration between coucilmen Jose Huizar in Los Angeles and Steve Madison in Pasadena to address the issues effectively. Madison recognizes the need for improvement on Avenue 64 and has made it a priority in the service of his constituents to meet with an Avenue 64 Coalition representative, a meeting that has already taken place. Huizar is requested to do the same on behalf of his constituency, eliminating the middleman in order to personally address this urgent public safety issue immediately.

Please join your neighbors in creating a safer Avenue 64 for everyone by signing this petition.

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Letter to
Office of Jose Huizar, Councilman District 14, Los Angeles Paul Habib, Chief of Staff
51st District Assembly member Jimmy Gomez
Transportation and Public Works, , Los Angeles Doane Liu, Deputy Mayor
and 6 others
Senior Transportation planner Richard Dilluvio
Office of the Mayor, Transportation, Los Angeles -LADOT Leon Borja, Deputy Mayor
Pasadena Dept. of Transportation Fred Dock, Director
City of Los Angeles Jose Huizar, Councilman, District 14, Los Angeles
Office of Steve Madison, District 6, Pasadena Takako Suzuki, Field Representative
General manager Los Angeles Department of Transportation Seleta Reynolds
The Avenue 64 Coalition, residents and stakeholders of the Garvanza Neighborhood in Los Angeles and San Rafael Neighborhood in Pasadena, support the installation of reasonable traffic control structures along Avenue 64 which would serve to decrease the frequency of speeding, traffic accidents, road rage, threats to pedestrians and cyclists alike and promote greater respect for this historic neighborhood shared by Los Angeles and Pasadena, and consequently improve the quality of life for those of us who reside here.

Please know that even after the installation of the 4-way stop sign intersection at Avenue 64 and Church Street in 2004, hazardous conditions along Avenue 64 continue. Please read about conditions in 2004 here at this link: http://www.boulevardsentinel.com/12-2003.htm

Poor traffic control design on Avenue 64 to the north in Pasadena promotes hazardous driving and speeding by motorists traveling on an incline south bound on Avenue 64 to Church street., making Church and Avenue 64 a hazardous intersection due to speed and the ignoring of stop signs by motorists. Select northbound and southbound motorists from Church and Ave. 64 and from Meridian Street to the south of it enjoy illegal passing on the left turn center lanes without fear of being ticketed by local law enforcement. From York Blvd and Avenue 64 to Church Street, speed is encouraged due to poorly regulated traffic lights and the obvious absence of stop signs where crosswalks are needed. Avenue 64 and Church Street is a resented stop sign intersection for motorists who feel entitled to speed through our residential neighborhood, especially as they find that no other traffic calming measures have been designed or erected for the area.

We recognize the need for our respective Councilmen Huizar and Madison, and the Departments of Transportation for Los Angeles and Pasadena to act on our behalf. We wish to illustrate the nature of our concerns and to propose solutions relevant to the area. We request the support of our respective LA County Supervisors for District 1, Gloria Molina, and for District 5, Michael Antonovich. Your participation and vocal support for developing plans for a safer Avenue 64 is critical. Pasadena and Los Angeles must collaborate in specified stretches of Avenue 64. You will be informed by the Avenue 64 Coalition, a group of stakeholders, of the changes that are needed.

In this endeavor to promote public safety and to improve the quality of life for all, change cannot occur until the representatives for the Cities of Los Angeles and Pasadena work collaboratively and with their constituents for the common good.

As a resident and stakeholder of Los Angeles and Pasadena, I support the Garvanza and San Rafael Neighborhoods. I support the proposals for new traffic interventions along Avenue 64 which should be implemented as soon as possible in order to ensure public safety, traffic control, and an improved quality of life for all.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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