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Letter to
First Minister Peter Robinson
Northern Ireland Ministers
Northern Ireland Assembly
and 3 others
Bushmills Irish Whiskey
Commercial head office and training centre Michelin Corp
Northern Ireland Tourist Board
We are sure you are aware of the recent actions of the Belfast City Council, who recently killed the dog, Lennox, based on an arbitrary determination of his body type. In killing Lennox, the BCC has inadvertently created a martyr and has galvanised dog lovers everywhere in their fight against Breed Specific Legislation. We are also galvanised in our desire to see the actions of the Council and parties who perjured themselves investigated and exposed.

For that reason, we are engaging in and promoting a worldwide boycott of all Northern Ireland products and travel of those companies who do not join the tax/rate paying citizens of NI and the rest of the world in publicly denouncing the crimes of BCC. We are asking Bushmill's, Michelin, and the government of Northern Ireland to stand with the world in calling for an unbiased and independent investigation of the corrupt individuals involved in this case. We are also working toward a repeal of the archaic ‘dangerous dogs act’, which, by definition is ambiguous and arbitrary and has unfairly targeted certain breeds of canines, resulting in illegal seizure and killing of thousands of family dogs. These dogs are not the enemy. The enemies are the people who sneak around the back alleys and engage in the brutal act of dog fighting. The dogs are the victims.

BCC’s total disregard for a citizen’s rights and their intentional disregard for the expertise of more than one independent and unbiased, qualified professional’s proposals for aid and resolution for Lennox and his family, has only been compounded by their lack of sensitivity, compassion and professionalism. There are reports of the BCC staff making animal sounds in mockery when concerned citizens telephoned to enquire as to the status of Lennox, which is deeply disturbing and paints the government of the city of Belfast in a very bad light.

We are all astounded at the petty refusal to let Lennox’s family visit the dog one last time, have his body after he was killed or even receive his collar. Those actions, are at the very least, suspicious, and indicate that Lennox may have been gone for some time. At most, they indicate a governmental body out of control and abusing its authority without fear of consequence.

Today we number perhaps 250,000 people across the globe who want some justice for Lennox and who are working against laws that will see this heinous act performed again and again. Each of us is committed to telling the story to multiple friends and acquaintances and tomorrow we easily expect to be a force of millions, in NI and across the globe. We do this not only for the benefit of the citizens of Belfast, but for the citizens of every tax paying community in every country, who have rights to due process under the law.

Please join us in declaring freedom from abusive authorities and calling for this investigation. We are asking that you make a public statement in support of this investigation, or email such for publication to by July 19, 2012. The call for the boycott will begin on July 20, 2012.