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Join EMILY’s List and Show Your Support for Wendy Davis


On Thursday October 3, state Senator Wendy Davis made her big announcement: She’s officially running for governor of Texas. And EMILY’s List is proud to endorse Wendy – she’s exactly the kind of woman we need in elected office.

Wendy perseveres, she won’t back down from a fight, and she will continue to put herself on the line to protect us against the GOP and their never-ending War on Women.

She stood up to Gov. Rick Perry when he wanted to slash billions of dollars from education. She’s been an unwavering advocate for veterans, sexual assault survivors, and voting rights. And of course, Wendy is leading the fight for women’s health in Texas.

She’s not giving up her fight to protect women, and that’s why we need to stand behind her.

Let’s show Wendy Davis how much support she has. Join EMILY’s List and tell Wendy Davis: I’m standing with you.

Dear Wendy Davis,

I’m supporting you in your run for governor. You stood up to Gov. Rick Perry to protect women’s health in Texas, and you are exactly the kind of woman we need in elected office. I’m joining with EMILY’s List to support you!

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