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Domestic violence should not happen to anybody. Ever. Period. But it does and Maybe you have lived with abuse, maybe it happened just once; maybe you work or live next to someone who is being abused right now. Whoever you are I please ask you to take a moment and read my story.Im hoping my story inspires you enough to Share with others.Just a moment of your time can save a life. This petition appeals to change a current US law to make it unlawful to discuss a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE case with the VICTIM while the VICTIM is under heavy medication, post trauma shock, or in recovery . This will allow the VICTIM a clear and sound mind to determine the best course of action for their case..

My name is Joi Like (Joy), and I am a victim of domestic violence.  I was brutally beaten,Breaking both my arms and hands.Iv had over (((40 hours worth of plastic and reconstructive surgeries)))  and a loss of one of my eyes.My attacker (Ex) was sentenced for a reduced term of only 15 years for attempted murder in the first degree (premeditated murder) because an arrangement was reached between me and his public defender. I am disturbed by this agreement because I dont remember ever discussing it, let alone signing it. Because I was so heavily medicated during my hospital stay, I dont remember signing a document to reduce the sentence of the man who put me in that hospital. This man should be locked away where he can't hurt anyone else again.

I have now been a certified victims advocate for the last 3 years and have met some pretty inspirational people.Theres been a few cases that case really stood out to me. One case in particular.23 year old mother of 3 was burned with boiling hot oil by her Ex in Tennessee.All this took place while she was sleeping. She sustained ((((4th Degree Burns))))..Burns that where down to her bones!!!!! The definders tried to bargain with a Plea 15-25 years for her attacker.

I want you to take a moment and put yourself in this poor girl shoes.You just got attacked by the hands of a nother (Someone you Loved and trusted) at that. Causing Catastrophic damage to your body beyond repair. You are disfigured and disabled for the rest of your life. With something like this and my attack I dont think its right to ask about a plea.These types of people need to have the maximum punishment placed on them.NO PLEA NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE with cases like these.It's disturbing and scary knowing these types of people will be set free in our communitys to harm others and might even kill someone....

All the time I am thinking of the women who have been the subjects of subsequent attacks or even died because their attackers were released from jail earlier than they deserved. It is not fair to take advantage of the victim when they are most vulnerable, when they are unable to speak for themselves. We need to outlaw this practice that only benefits criminals at the detriment of their victims. We need to take a stand. Please sign the petition and lend your voice to victims of domestic violence!

Sincerely, Joi Partain

Ps......For more info about myself and my story or for another Link to sign the Petition go to :)

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