Stop cutting down trees for Palm Oil

Stop cutting down trees for Palm Oil

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Hello owner of Johnson and Johnson.

My name is Dylan and I am 6 years old, and my mummy is helping me write this. It makes me sad that humans are cutting down trees and hurting orangutans to get palm oil. Mummy said that you put palm oil in your products. Please can you stop paying people to chop down trees for palm oil.

When Mummy showed me Iceland’s orangutan cartoon and I got upset because there were humans in the forest cutting it down. I told mummy that we should bring all the orangutans here to save them but she said we can’t because they need their own home. So I’m writing this letter instead.

If Johnson and Johnson keep using unsustainable Palm Oil then we will keep losing orangutans. It's really sad because when humans cut down trees to get palm oil they are knocking down the orangutans’ houses and sometimes the orangutans die. If someone came and knocked my house down with me inside and all my family I would be sad and I'd get hurt and that's not fair. You would be cross if someone knocked your house down too.

When I grow up I want to go see orangutans but if you keep getting people to knock down trees there won't be any orangutans left. I hope you stop before Christmas so the orangutans have a great Christmas.

Thank you for reading my letter.


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