Loss of medical treatment/care when I moved to another state.

Loss of medical treatment/care when I moved to another state.

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Rebecca Ard started this petition to CEO Kaiser Permanente Greg Adam and

I sincerely hope this never happens to you or your loved-ones:

While in California (my home state, 50+ years), I got injured on the job and due to multiple health complications and injuries, I was not able to return back to work which led to financial issues, forcing me to move out of my home state, and in with family in Washington state.

Finding a doctor OR trying to find one in Washington to treat me for the injuries which took place in California has been frustrating and maddening to say the least! I’m stumped, as I simply cannot be the only person in the entire country who got injured at work in one state and had to move to another state, who is in need of continued medical treatment or help!? What does one do!?

I am now at the beginning of my third (3rd) year here in Washington and still WITHOUT a doctor treating me for the injuries that occurred in California.  I seriously DON'T understand! For Pete’s Sake....

* USA Veterans that get injured in ‘other countries’ can return home and get treatment for their injuries and medical needs!

*Animals that are injured in the wild are rescued, treated and released back into the wild (Keyword here is “Treated”)

*People (*including those without Citizenship) that are injured can go to the ER or Urgent Care Center, get treatment and are released after getting the help that they need.

And yet, I move to another state and I cannot get treatment here because I got injured in a ‘different state’ while at work!? UGH!!!  To add to that, I was told, “IF you want to get treatment for your injuries, you’ll have to move back to California!”  (NOTE; I can’t afford California anymore because I can’t work because of my injuries!  UGH!)

Now, there was the one (1) doctor who did agree to see me in Washington and I was SO ELATED to FINALLY get the care and treatment that I desperately need! All my files were sent to her in advance and the day of our appointment, when I saw her, she told me that she could not treat me after-all because my case was old (she thought it was a new case, whereas, I got injured in 2014, five years earlier).  I left there limping, crying, sobbing in my car and more depressed (the elation...gone).  Later, more added frustration arose because she made a false report; There's no way she could have accurately written what she wrote in her report if she had actually done a thorough examination on me.

And what about the Physicians Hippocratic Oath (One section reads):

******May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help. *******

Well, I was certainly seeking her help, any doctors help, only to be turned away.

Again, I sincerely hope that this never happens to you or any of your loved-ones...HONESTLY, I wish these injuries never happened (They have certainly changed my quality of life) but, since they did happen, I wish that they had happened at my home because I know that there, I would’ve received immediate treatment and/or ongoing treatments without delays, no matter where I was living.  Moving from one state to another should not have any bearing on receiving medical care and/or treatment that is needed for ones well being.

With that, PLEASE SIGN and SHARE this petition to help those injured at work in one state, to be given the right to receive all the necessary medical care/treatment to help them should they happen to move to a different state; ALL without having to go through a bunch of red tape or delays for the necessary medical care and treatment(s). Thank you.


Still Seeking Treatment, Rebecca Ard

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