Band-Aids for all skin colors

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My friend Valerie and I are 11th graders from a suburban town in New York. We were shocked and disappointed to hear that Band-Aid only provides products that are suitable for fair skin. As our society has become accepting of diversity, and has thankfully learned to embrace people of all kinds, there is no reason that a company as influential as Johnson & Johnson should not create products that will suit all people.

In 2018, Johnson and Johnson brought in more than $160 million in bandage sales – all of them designed for fair skin. This is a problem even a Band-Aid can’t cover up.

Makeup brands like Fenty and have made shades of makeup for all skin tones. Why can’t Band-Aid do the same?

This petition is to encourage Band-Aid to design new bandages, with a variety of skin colors, that will allow people of all races to feel comfortable.