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Please cancel the current and all future Greased Pig, Mutton Bustin and Calf Scramble Events at the Johnson County Fair.

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Johnson County is the most populous county in Kansas and contains many of Kansas City's affluent southwestern suburbs.  A lot of people hold Johnson County in high regard as "one of the best places to live."  Many of the schools have been noted as champions of education.  So when they host a county fair, most residents are expecting quality and respectable events.   

The Johnson County Fair boasts "Fun for Everyone," with family events such as carnival rides, an agility dog show, a pie eating contest, arts and crafts, demonstrations, square dancing and live music.  But a disturbing entry on their list of events is their "Night of Fun and Challenge."

This event will have Greased Pigs, Mutton Bustin, and a Calf Scramble.  

Greased Pig Contests involve a terrified pig that is covered in petroleum jelly and repeatedly grabbed at and mishandled, “kicking and squealing,” by the participants. Pigs used in these cruel contests often suffer torn ligaments and broken bones.

Mutton Bustin is where small children, usually between the ages of 4 and 7, are placed on the backs of sheep, who immediately try to get the children off once they’re released from individual chutes where they’re held before the event begins. Participants are told to hold on tight and aim to stay on the sheep for as long as possible -- usually a matter of seconds. The sheep perceive the children as attackers that they must desperately try to escape and the emotional trauma is amplified by physical pain that often goes overlooked after mutton busting events, including having their ears and tails yanked as children try to hold on or fall. The average mutton buster is thrown to the dirt, face smeared with dust and glazed with tears, in about two seconds. 

In the Calf Scramble, young teens and children compete with one another to catch and halter infant and young cows. These kids will chase the cows with the goal to catch and halter the petrified baby cows and drag the calves across the winner's line.  These events are emotionally and physically damaging to the innocent cows involved.

Animals (and humans) can suffer serious injuries such as broken bones, sometimes even broken backs from these proposed activities.  In short, these events are inhumane and unnecessary.

We the signed ask the Johnson County Fair Board to say no to these events and instead choose community-positive public activities. People locally and around the world care about animal welfare. More and more every day.

Johnson County, KS is supposed to have their Greased Pig, Mutton Bustin and Calf Scramble events during the fair.  We are asking for the event to be canceled as well as all future Greased Pig, Mutton Bustin, and Calf Scramble events. 

 A Note Regarding Children and Animals:

Children who witness or participate in aggression/bullying toward and abuse of animals are psychologically harmed. See the following: Conceptualizing Animal Abuse with an Antisocial Behaviour Framework by Eleonora Gullone                        

Animal abuse includes acts that intend psychological suffering of an animal.  Animal abuse can occur out of motivation to impress others or shock people for amusement.  Witnessing acts of aggression as a child increases the likelihood of a later tendency to behave violently.

“Many childrens’ first experiences with empathy occur through interactions with pets and other animals. Therefore, adults who model kind treatment of animals help children develop the ability to treat others with compassion and dignity. Unfortunately, children who witness the routine exploitation or harassment of animals can develop social behaviors that are guided by aggression, dominance, and even violence—especially towards living beings weaker than themselves. In addition to animal cruelty, the modern world faces formidable social ills in the forms of interpersonal violence and bullying. Now more than ever, adults have a responsibility to teach children the importance of empathy, compassion, and dignity towards all Earth’s creatures.”                                            

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