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Johnny Depp: Keep his word to buy the Wounded Knee for the Lakota Nation


Keep your word. Promises to indigenous people are frequently made and broken. You promised to buy Wounded Knee and give it to the Lakota Nation. The owners want to sell.  Keep your word. Buy Wounded Knee and gift it freely to the Lakota Nation.

Letter to
United Talent Agent
Johnny Depp's Publicist, Slate PR Robin Baum
Keep your word to buy Wounded Knee for the Lakota Nation.

You said you are planning to spend millions of your own money to return the land at Wounded Knee in South Dakota to the Lakota People.

You know this is very sacred ground where over 300 Lakota - men, women and children - were massacred by the U.S. Government. You know that in the 1973, followers of the American Indian Movement seized and occupied the land in a stand-off with the Federal Government, inspiring a resurgence of pride in Native Americans from coast to coast.

You said, "All I want to do is buy that land and give it back. I am doing my best to make that happen." Was that a publicity stunt? Or did you mean what you said?

We heard you say it. Now, make it so. Buy the Wounded Knee Land parcel and return it to the Lakota People.

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