Make G2/G road test booking date available within 20 days at Ontario DriveTest Centres

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Ministry of Transportation Ontario and DriveTest have increased the working hours at most of the centres to accommodate the needs of citizens and cut the long queue by keeping the centres open until 7 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

What about the waiting period to book the G2 or G road test? It is still 42 days.

It is a great concern that Parents, Students, Driving Schools and Driving Instructors have very hard time finding the G2 or G road test date at Driver Examination Centres (DriveTest) as soon as they are ready. They have to wait approximately 40 days to book their G2 or G road test at DriveTest Centre in Ontario. If a person is ready for road test, then he/she should get a test date within 20 days. It is a very very long wait and lots of stress for everyone who is connected. Parents cannot plan their vacation or other activities because of kids driving lessons and road test. Person cannot book their test and then start the training because if he/she is not ready then they have to reschedule the road test and wait another 40 days. Or when they ready they have to wait 40 days anyways. There are so many people who want to do their road test so that they can get a job or get their licence before University or College starts or Newcomers to Ontario who wants to be independent and start their new life.

We request Ministry of Transportation Ontario to review the guidelines for 42 days waiting period to book road test and change it to atleast 20 days to book G2 or G road test at any DriveTest Centres in Ontario.

Changes that we make today, will help future generations !

Thank you very much for your time.