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Spin off for Ian and Mickey (Shameless)

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After I started watching Shameless, I fell in love with the just amount of crazy and drama and, of course, the comic relief. However, somewhere around season 3, I became obsessively infatuated with the love story between two seemingly improbable characters, Ian and Mickey. Their on air, star-crossed love became the highlight of my week. The love that was presented was raw, truthful, and in this case was doomed from the start. Watching them overcome every obstacle that came their way every time was beautiful. In fact, after they broke up in season 6, I stopped watching until it was announced that Mickey would return in season 7.  I renewed my Showtime subscription and watched as Ian acted if Mickey never existed. Towards the end of season 7, my faith was restored and the actors have such a chemistry that words can not describe.

At the end, as we know you choose to close the door and have Mickey go to Mexico without Ian. I can understand to an extent why this happened, that Ian has grown a lot while Mickey was away and Mickey hasn't. I understand that, doesn't end the pain however.

What I am asking, and what I know MANY fans of the "Gallovich" would love and support is a show dedicated to their relationship. Let's be honest, many of us were just fast forward through the others parts anyway. Either we find a way to bring Mickey to the states, fake identity etc or them starting over in Mexico. With the proper writing and staging this show could be much larger than Shameless itself, which I know is possible. A spinoff highlighting their love and struggle and the rebuild is just what we need, an LGBT+ relationship that shows LOVE WINS. Of course, with the twist only Shameless writers can provide. 

Noel Fisher and Cameron Monoghan are extremely talented actors and deserve to have the spotlight. The support is there, the talent is there, the platform is there. What are you waiting on?



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