Daniel Agger for LFC Club Ambassador/ International Ambassador

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This is an appeal to Liverpool FC Principal Owner- John W. Henry, Chairman- Tom Werner, Directors- David Ginsberg, Michael Gordon, and Michael Egan and everyone else who can force a decision, to appoint ex-Liverpool FC defender and loyalist Daniel Agger as the club ambassador or international ambassador.

I think anyone who follows the club is aware of Daniel Agger's love for Liverpool FC. He's been a terrific soldier for the club during his time at Anfield. He's given his all on-field and has always been regarded as a wonderful prospect. He has seen out the highs and lows while maintaining unwavering faith on the club. However, the reason we want him as an ambassador is different.

An ambassador is:

  • Someone who represents the club and its interests.
  • Someone who knows the club and is absolutely emotional about it.
  • Someone who is not callous enough to join bitter league rivals.You know who I'm talking about.
  • Someone who has a way of articulating their thoughts like an evolved primate.
  • Someone who can connect with the masses as a whole.

I think we can all agree that our beloved DAgger is all that and more. Take for instance him remembering the very day he joined the club 12 years ago, and him speaking of it in a manner that throws no negative light on anyone, instead makes one proud of being a part of the Liverpool family.

Also, Daniel Agger is a part of The Agger Foundation that helps children in need, be it sickness or any difficulties during their upbringing.

I think that's what we need. The passion, the sheer devotion for this club and people altogether. The family deserves him. And he deserves this esteemed position with the club.