Give Kai Haskins an Interview to Work for the Denny's Marketing Team

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Hello, my name is Kai Lukas Haskins and it is my dream to work for the Denny's marketing department. 

Denny's does some ill marketing.  This is no secret.  From existentialist pancakes, to nihilistic ice creams, to the dankest of memes, John Dillon runs a tight ship.  But the ship could be tighter.  

If I were to come aboard (to continue the ship metaphor), I could help to champion its voyage through the cruel and unforgiving world of the internet.  I could provide a youthful, whimsical, and informed opinion of what those crazy kids want to see out of their All American Diner chain's social media presences.  

As proof of my social media and marketing know-how, I offer two examples.  

The first, is my twitter, @KaiHaskins.  I realize that my follow count is relatively meager, but I would encourage you to look at the quality of tweets over the raw quantity of favorites and RTs.  

The second example is from my freshmen year at college, where I served as the Chief Marketing Officer for my school's flagship entrepreneurship course.  In this class, Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship - we as students were tasked with starting a business.  As evidence of my ability to run one heck of a hype up campaign, I would direct you to the following three marketing videos that I created.  Please watch them in order.  




Mr. Dillon, I truly believe that it is my fate to be part of your marketing team.  I ask for no payment but syrup, experience and rad vibes.  

If you would like to set up a Skype interview with me - you know where to find me.


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