Ban Fur Farming in Ontario, Canada

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To honorable MPP John Vanthof,

We ask that you and the NDP support a ban on the practice of fur farming in Ontario by making a fur farm ban part of the NDP party platform and policy. 

In Ontario fur farming is not regulated by any government ministry or agency.  The fur farm industry is self enforcing though the NFACC (National Farm Animal Care Council) Codes of practice which were created to ensure animal welfare standards. Recent video recordings taken at five of Ontario's forty fur farms have shown violations of the codes in addition to criminal animal neglect in violation of the OSPCA Act. The mistreatment witnessed at multiple farms indicates neglect is a fur industry standard and that animal welfare codes are not being enforced.  

The videos depict wounded and injured animals without medical treatment, dead animals, cages covered in feces, dust, dirt, and spider webs, animals being fed food mixed with urine and excrement, infestations of maggots and insects, and sludge puddles of urine and feces which emit poisonous fumes. Thousands of animals are being left to suffer. This is a tragedy and unacceptable to the public. 

In November, 2017, similar mistreatment of animals lead to a conviction of animal cruelty of Quebec fur farmer Jean-Luc Rodier. 

Even if the NFACC codes of practice were being adhered to, the animals still suffer from stereotypical behavior such as pacing, cage biting, self mutilation, physical deformities, and high levels of infant mortality. Animals on fur farms are subjected to long periods of inactivity, lack of stimulation, and are restricted from performing natural behaviors (like swimming or interacting with an earthen floor) leading to frustration, stress, and other abnormal repetitive behaviors. Unlike other farmed animals, mink and fox are predatory animals. They are undomesticated and unsuitable for farming. 

Current housing systems for mink and fox have been shown to be inhumane and cruel and are banned in many places around the world including: The UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Serbia, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Japan, Northern Ireland, and Sao Paolo.  

New Zealand, India, and Sao Paolo have legislated import bans on fur products.  The municipalities of West Hollywood and Berkley California have banned the selling of fur products. 

Killing animals for their fur is an outdated practice.  A growing majority of the public is opposed to fur farming and finds the practice unethical and cruel.  This can be observed in many major retailers and fashion designers like Gucci and Michael Kors implementing fur free policies.  No other textile is as controversial as one that causes animals to live life in a malicious form of captivity and take their lives for a frivolous clothing decoration.   

The citizens Ontario would like the NDP to be leaders in animal welfare and support a ban on the malicious practice of fur farming. The only ones who really need their fur are the animals after all.