John Summers: Disbar a racist Ottawa lawyer for role in demise of a disabled black mother

John Summers: Disbar a racist Ottawa lawyer for role in demise of a disabled black mother

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The unethical behaviour of Ottawa lawyer John Summers has resulted in the demise of Dezrin Carby-Samuels. The lack of regard by Mr. Summers for the sanctity of the life of this elderly black mother was apparent in his continued efforts to use a variety of unethical tactics to deprive Dezrin of not only access to seeing loved ones that she so desperately wanted to see but the kind of medical and other support that Dezrin's son sought to provide.

In early 2016, John Summers was defending Dezrin's abusive husband, fighting to enable him to make her a veritable prisoner in her own home.

John Summers used lies to defend the domestic abuses of Horace Carby-Samuels and keep her from her son.This man's abuse resulted in Dezrin, left without protection, being unable to talk, walk, or write.

And now, thanks to the evil actions of John Summers, Dezrin Carby-Samuels has reportedly demised four months ago in isolation after being subjugated to emotional, physical, and psychological abuse. For that reason, Mr. Summers ought to be disbarred.

John Summers was also instrumental in facilitating Horace's desire to block access to speech therapy that an Ottawa doctor recommended for Dezrin to enable her to recover her speech, which was destroyed under conditions of abuse imposed by Horace Carby-Samuels.

When Dezrin’s son, Raymond, received a default judgement from Ottawa Superior Court to grant himaccess to protect his mother from abuse back in February 2016, John Summers intervened to block a wellness check, and now Dezrin is dead.

The evils of John Summers against Dezrin Carby-Samuels are documented in the book “Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst." All proceeds from this book will be donated to a campaign to hold Mr. Summers and his co-conspirators legally accountable for their apparent crimes against humanity.

The case of Horace Carby-Samuels is far from a simple case of domestic abuse. Instead, mystery shrouds a series of key details in this case.

According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, physically disabled individuals are to receive equitable treatment from others so that they may live a full life without fear of injury or discrimination from others. And yet, multiple Ottawa judges have refused to properly acknowledge this matter, denying Ms. Dezrin Carby-Samuels the help she so desperately needed — and that, under the law, they were obligated to give her. This case calls into question the entire Canadian justice system, drawing a specific focus to a court’s ability to right a clear wrong and protect the defenceless.

And what about immoral activity from legal counsel? That is the crux of this case.

When domestic abuse and violence occur, is it not the sworn promise of officers of the court to report, try, and sentence wrongdoers? Sadly, that is not what has happened here.

Horace, an imposing male at 6’4”, has been accused of spousal neglect and abuse against his 5’0” wife since 2013. Health records support this argument, detailing a sharp decline in Dezrin’s health when Horace refused to permit her access to their son.

On the morning of March 24, 2017, Ontario Superior Court Justice MacLeod repeatedly questioned Summers to ensure the safety of Ms. Carby-Samuels, specifically instructing Summers to answer whether Ms. Carby-Samuels was “being held prisoner” in her own home. No such confirmation was ever given.

And what about when Justice MacLeod demanded that Summers personally ensure both Mr. Carby-Samuels’ safety and her wishes for her care? It never happened. Throughout the entire investigation, which lasted more than 500 days, opposing counsel was unable to provide a single indication to confirm this disadvantaged woman’s well-being.

When Ms. Carby-Samuels reached out to her own son, Raymond, for help, Summers attacked with outrageous lies. He orchestrated a smear campaign to paint Raymond as an unstable individual suffering from “mental illness.” Raymond’s visitation rights were revoked, with all access to his mother terminated. But Summers didn’t stop there; he supplied a disinformation affidavit, falsely claiming Raymond had been barred from the Ottawa ambulance service in the past.

Yet on February 11, 2016, Raymond was awarded a default judgement by Justice Smith. Horace never filed a counter, so Raymond, accompanied by Ottawa police, proceeded to Horace’s residence to attempt to serve him with his notice. Horace refused to acknowledge the presence of his son, nor the police who had escorted him. All individuals on scene, with access to the residence denied, failed to confirm the welfare of Ms. Carby-Samuels.

Shortly after, Mr. Summers got involved, working steadily to prevent continued access and interaction between mother and son. Summers was able to quickly and efficiently overturn Justice Smith’s judgement, then lead Horace in a defence filing. These are no small feats, and with all those hours logged, where is the bill going?

Or better yet, whose account is on that cheque? Summers has a published rate of $325 for each hour; with the amount of research and paperwork involved with this case, it is impossible to think that Horace, a man forced into early retirement by the Canadian government, would be able to finance such mounting legal bills on a meagre retirement salary.

In fact, Horace is no stranger to the court system, as he attempted to sue the government over lost wages but quickly ran out of funds to pay even the low rates of the novice lawyer gifted to him. Summers is an accomplished attorney who is, quite frankly, well out of Horace’s financial capabilities. So how is Horace paying these bills?

Enter a mysterious third party who sources speculate is the financial backer in Horace’s case, paying the retiree’s mounting legal bills for well over two years. But who is this elusive financier? He or she has taken extreme measures to conceal their actual identity. Regardless of whoever it may be, it is clear from Summers’ behaviour in court that the financier is controlling the situation, with Horace little more than a convenient pawn. But why would someone foot the bill?

What individual would be so invested in protecting Horace’s — and Summers’ — interests?

What person of sound mind and conscience would willingly lend their financial aid to continue the abuse of a defenceless, ailing woman?

Where is their common decency and empathy?

And should all that fail, what about our established legal system? If Horace is allowed to continue his alleged criminally negligent behaviour, it is an insult to the very principles that keep this country in place.

But with one party’s identity concealed, the focus again turns back to Summers. Many of his behaviours throughout the case have prompted speculation, particularly his unwillingness to name his benefactor.  Based on his checkered past, it appears he is one that demands extreme caution. In the past, according to a person familiar with the case reports, Summers was accused of forgery when his executed court documents were proven to be forged by separate handwriting experts. This finding fails to inspire confidence, especially in a case like this where the stakes are so high.

Based on these details, it’s incredibly difficult to have faith in the elusive lawyer who conducts his business from behind a shadowy demonic veil. He offers very little transparency, leaving only confusion and frustration in his wake. But this isn’t some silly dispute. Dezrin has now reportedly demised, and John Summers played a key role in Dezrin's demise. 

Many people say 'black lives matter' but thanks to John Summers black lives has been destroyed and for this we call on John Summers to be disbarred from the Law Society of Upper Canada.


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