WE THE FANS, DEMAND the removal from stores and online the sales of Coreyography, A Memoir.

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WE THE FANS, DEMAND the removal from stores and online the sales of Coreyography, A Memoir.

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Michelle Hobson started this petition to St Martin's Press 175th Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010 John Sargent

I speak for myself and on behalf of every single fellow Corey Haim fan some for whom are close friends of mine, and some fans knew Haim well. We as fans are stunned, outraged and deeply upset by Feldman's allegations, that we know that he is guilty of, himself, tarnishing Haim's memory with smut that Corey Feldman has imparted on Corey Haim in his book, specifically about Corey Haim being bi-sexual and actually consenting on being sodomized. Corey Haim's mother (Judy Haim) as she stated in her public statement, never gave Corey Feldman permission to write one single word regarding her son and she has emails to Corey Feldman asking him not to write about Haim, or specifically about Lucas. We all feel, since they didn't know each other then, Feldman had no business bringing that time up, Feldman is delusional and a snake. We the fans would like to see a piece of paper, or some documents that Corey signed and gave Feldman the o.k. to write about him to set him free, since that is the story he is telling everyone.????. We want justice for Haim, who very sadly passed away on March 10th 2010.

Corey Feldman whom he claimed to be one of Corey Haim's closest friends, is showing a complete lack of respect for Corey, Judy, and the rest of his family and close friends by writing slanderous and disgusting lies, no one from your company bothered to back up Feldman's accusations, it's one sided. How can you allow Feldman to thank Judy on the thank you page to everyone, and Feldman in good concensience think it was a good idea to stab Haim in the back and then thank his mother in the book. 

Why would you believe everything that Feldman told you and run with it, knowing that Haim, who was a kind, gentle and caring man, is no longer here to defend himself, something is not right here, someone is missing a heart.       

Throughout all of Corey's young and adult life he had his private life spread about in the press and scrutinized, yet again his name is dragged through the mud and all to line Corey Feldman's pockets. 

Corey Haim should be allowed to rest in peace. 


Here are public statements by Judy Haim, Shainy Haim (Corey's cousin) and two of Corey's very close and loyal friends, Greg Harrison Corey Haim's friend for 13 years and Jon Kostos for 28 years.


Judy Haim ~ A fan urged me to read an article published on Examiner.com which was written by Carla Hay who did not contact me, if she had she couldn't of written about my son the way she did. If Feldman's publisher had contacted me I doubt they would have published this book. I was stunned and saddened by Feldman's accusation as reported by Carla Hay. Those who loved my son will always love him unconditionally. My son and I lived together and were always very close. Feldman knows how close my son and I always were, but he choose to write in his book that Corey Haim and I became closer than ever in his final days. I have lived with my son until that horrific night when he died in my arms in 2010, as a heterosexual that was accused of dying of an overdose until it was proven otherwise. What is Feldman trying to accomplish by knocking my kid once again to the ground? Feldman knows in his heart and soul that he has always been interrupting my son in interviews to get more camera time like he did on CNN with Larry King when they interviewed for the "Two Corey's". What Feldman forgets is that I was sitting in the studio and not in the green room watching the whole interview. Feldman's accusation about my son nodding off is nothing but pure lies and I could go on and on about so many more slanderous lies. But I suppose anyone can write a book about anyone that is dead and gone and not here to defend himself. Truth be told the reason that Feldman did not come to my son's funeral is that he told me he did not have money for a plane ticket. This is another example of what he tells the press and what the truth is. It is time a put an end to the notion that my son and Feldman were best friends. They were friends in the middle of the 80"s and part of the 90"s, not so much after that. My son never considered Feldman a friend, let alone best friend. You can ask any of Corey's real close friends (whom by the way never wanted anything from my kid except his friendship) and they will back me up. In response to the molestation, if my son ever wanted to talk about any such things he would have done so himself, but he choose not to. He preferred to take it to the grave rather than hurt others, no matter how awful. Feldman obviously feels otherwise. His excuse for writing this about my son is to set my son's soul free. Who does Feldman think he is, God? I choose to let my son rest in peace. My family, friends and fans miss him terribly. I as his mother still have a shattered heart. I lost my best friend. I want his memory to stay alive and in a good light. My son left a great legacy, entertained so many and left many wonderful memories and loved with all of his heart. I will not let Feldman's senseless accusations to overshadow my life or tarnish my Corey's memory. I feel I have already contributed enough to create a buzz for the sales of Feldman's book, but for me he just brought the feeling that my son has just died for the second time and I feel like it's just another nail in his coffin. Please do not contact me for interviews because I am not interested in bringing up Corey Feldman's name ever again. This is the last time I will defend (my) Corey and myself regarding this subject . We do not need to defend ourselves, we know who we are. Thank you to all the fans that have kept me strong through this trying time. I love you all and God Bless!


Shainy Haim ~ My cousin, Corey left this world way too early. The pain of our loss is still fresh, agonizing, torturous and needless to say: unimaginable for his mother, father, sister and brother (not to mention cousins like myself, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and of course friends and fans around the globe). The disrespect and heartlessness of Corey Feldman's manipulative and abominable actions have sliced through the hearts of many, and very seriously damaged the mental and emotional well being of those who were closest to and loved Corey, and still mourn him every moment of every day. Feldman has never had Haim's best interests at heart...not in life and OBVIOUSLY not in death either. Shame, remorse, guilt and regret should be all you ever feel Feldman. You owe Corey Haim a public apology. Shame on you. You are a liar, a manipulator, and at the end of the day, a has-been-wanna-be-coat tailing-jealous little boy...how DARE you continue to RIDE on the essence of Corey Haim's goodness to remedy your own evil soul? You made your own bed Feldman.  Be a real man and talk about YOURSELF...not my dear departed sweet cousin who can not speak up for himself! You are rotten to the bone and deserve nothing but to hurt like you hurt our Corey time and time again in life....and now, yet again, in death. 

Shainy Haim


Here is a links to statements  made by Judy Haim  





Greg Harrison ~ My name is Greg Harrison and Judy Haim will confirm that I was Corey Haim's closest and best friend for the last 13 yrs of his life right up to his untimely death. Here is my Public statement.

I am one of Corey Haim's real best friends forever. I know that Feldman was not a real friend to my Best Friend Corey Haim. I choose to forgive you, Feldman, and all the others that hurt him. Let him rest in peace and stop hurting his mother, Judy. God Bless all of you that are preserving Corey Haim's memory and loving and supporting his mother. I thank you! I ask you to pray for...... Judy at this time. I forgive you, Feldman, and pray that you find peace with God. I know that you have been hurt, but I question your motives and wonder if you are aware of how many people you are hurting with your words. I wonder if these things that you are saying are really guided by the ...spirit of truth. If you truly are being guided by the spirit of truth, then it will lead us all to the whole truth and anything that is hidden in the darkness will be exposed in the light and not just from your point of view. I also believe that if you judge, then in turn you will be judged. God is the Judge of us all. So I say, Lord have Mercy on all of us. God will forgive anyone who asks for forgiveness. So you'll all have to forgive me for even speaking up, but you're speaking ill of the dead and talking smack about my friend. And at the end of the day what is it all for? To line your pockets with money, seek justice and to rekindle your fallen star of fame? God is the distributor of Justice, not you! And one day you may have to answer for how you tried to line your pockets with money and rekindle your fame! I'm done! God Bless all of you who are true to my brother. Sorry, but I just had to say something!


Jon Kostos ~  I am writing this to defend my friend Corey Haim. Shame on you Corey Feldman. You say you are a "so-called friend." I'd hate to see what you say about your enemies. You have no idea how your lies and your words are affecting his parents and family. Or maybe you do and you don't give a crap. Which makes you greedy and therefore, evil. Didn't your parents teach you not to speak about those who have passed. Oh yeah, you where emancipated at 14, raised by wolves, and always jealous of Corey Haim. Jealous because he took movie roles. Jealous of his relationship with his mother, because your mother wasn't around. You were always in competition with Haim. I guess you still need him to make your life interesting. I wish he was here to defend himself. The lies that are coming out of your mouth to that pen, are unfathomable and disgusting! Remember Feldman, Haim told his mother, father and me everything. I'm not into doing interviews, but I will if I have to - solely to defend my friend Corey Haim. May he rest in peace. Let the Haim family heal from their loss. 


Greg Harrison ~ Please brace yourself, as I am about to expose another example of how low Corey Feldman is prepared to go. I would also like you to keep in mind that it is obvious that Corey Feldman is doing this for controversy, publicity and a buzz for his book. It’s a catch 22 SITUATION ONCE AGAIN. I don’t want to say anything but feel that I must to defend Corey Haim’s mother, who you all know he loved with all his heart. Corey Feldman was not his best friend for the last 15 years of Corey Haim’s life and I was saddened when he choose not to pay his respects at his funeral. Instead he choose to visit the grave site for the sole purpose of his book. Judy was surprise that Feldman even showed up at all, but embraced him with an open heart. This visit was supposed to remain private which included all photos that were taken. He promised that he would never release these photos as Judy was sickened by some of them. Corey Feldman who was seeming sincere at the time lay down on Corey Haim’s grave. Judy would never do this and thought that it was a little weird that Feldman would do such a thing. He begged her to lay down beside him claiming that he felt closer to Corey Haim and at Peace with him. Judy wanted to leave as this moment as it was getting a little bit to weird for her. Judy begged him to leave with her only to hear Feldman’s plea all the more to come and lay beside him. He insisted that he would not leave until she complied with him. Still feeling awkward about the whole situation, she agreed out of compassion and love towards Feldman. She agreed to do this in an effort to comfort him who at the time seemed sincere in his mourning for Corey Haim. As soon as she lay down beside Feldman on her sons grave, Feldman’s security guard snapped a picture. In hindsight it is very clear that this was a preemptive strike for his book. Judy was sickened at the time and remains sickened by this whole thing and knows as do I, that this was all just one big set up from the start. Judy is beside herself because of this setup and is sickened to the point that I am now worried about her health. I feel that this is pure evil on Feldman’s part. Feldman has publicly stated that he would never release these photos and Judy Haim once again never agreed to the taking of such photos nor the release of such photos after the damage had been done. I clearly remember how sickened she was after this visit with Feldman, because she called me after it was all over. I have to admit it did cross my mind that he was up to something but never thought that it would come to this. I, like Judy try to remain positive about people and their intentions and try not to judge. So with all that being said, Feldman has also set up all of you. Corey Feldman wants you to be disgusted with his photo of him laying on Haim’s grave site, with the sole intent on releasing the picture with Judy doing the exact same thing as another blow and another nail in Corey Haim’s and possibly Judy’s coffin. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ANYMORE I’M ABSOULUTELY SPEECHLESS WHICH I SUPPOSE IS WHAT FELDMAN WANTS AND THIS IS JUST ALL ONE BIG GAME TO HIM FOR THE PUBLICITY OF HIS BOOK. 

I just spoke to Judy to inform her what I was about to post and this is what she said.

Judy Haim feels completely betrayed and stunned at the audacity that she believed his promise not to ever release these photos.


We as fans will not be silenced, we are here to seek justice, we will fight for what is right and for Corey's memory till the end. 

                           "All for one, and one for all" ~  The Haim army.

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