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John Roston is a creative-thinking community actionist in Richmond, BC. We need John to run for council this fall because he has action-oriented solutions to issues that face everyone living in Richmond.

This petition is asking John to consider running for council, where Richmond desperately needs creative thinkers who will take action on critical issues in our city that effect livability and sustainability.

Not only is he the founder and coordinator of Plug-in Richmond, he is also an avid community volunteer, working as Treasurer for the Richmond Museum, and working on farmland advocacy with Richmond FarmWatch. He writes an insightful personal blog,, where he shares his ideas and insights on current political issues in Richmond, including: rental housing, farmland preservation, the ONNI development on Steveston’s waterfront and intercultural issues. 

Please sign and tell John you will support him this fall if he runs for council, we need change and he will bring the vision and action that Richmond desperately needs. 

约翰 ·罗斯顿是 卑诗省 列治文市 的一名具有创見的社区实干家。

我们需要 约翰 在今年秋季竞选理事会,因为他有行动导向的解决方案來面对居住在列治文市 的每个人的问题。

这份请愿书要求 约翰 考虑竞选理事会,列治文市 迫切需要具有创見的思想家,他将会对我们城市中影响宜居性和可持续性的关键问题采取行动。

他不仅是 Plug-in Richmond 的创始人和协调员,他还是一名狂热的社区志愿者,为列治文市博物馆担任财务主管,并与 Richmond FarmWatch一起从事农田宣传工作。


在那里他分享了他对列治文市当前政治问题的想法和见解,包括:出租房屋,农田保护,ONNI 在 Steveston 滨水区和跨文化问题上的发展。

请签名并告诉 约翰,如果他竞选议会,你将会在今年秋天支持他,我们需要改变,他将会带给列治文市 迫切需要的远见和行动。

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