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Stop the destruction of 710 and 712 Walnut Street

Downtown Knoxville has lost too many old and historic buildings already. We only have a finite number of them and what is left should be lovingly preserved for future generations. At a time when downtown real estate is at a premium, it doesn't make sense from a profitable or ethical standpoint to tear down these two buildings to make improvements to a parking lot or driveway.

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  • The Very Rev.
    John Ross
  • Attorney
    Arthur Seymour
  • Bishop
    George Young
  • Parish Secretary
    Melissa Dodson
  • Family Education Administrative Assistant, Webmaster
    Lauren Ruff
  • Financial Secretary
    Donna Copeland
  • Cathedral Administrative Assistant
    Sheila Akins
  • Librarian
    Rick Boyd
  • Cathedral Administrator
    Joe Bacon
  • Cathedral Operations Administrator
    Patty Dunlap
  • Coordinator for Children's Ministry
    Kerry Ruff
  • Youth Formation Coordinator
    Paul Ruff
  • Precentor
    Mr. Richard Sidey
  • Priest Associate - The Rev. Canon
    Chris Hackett
  • Sub-Dean - The Rev. Canon
    Thom Rasnick
  • Treasurer
    Sharon Pryse

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