Call upon John Ramsey to publicly apologize for derogatory phrase concerning little people

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In the first hour of his show on Monday, November 30th 2015, local Louisville KY sports talk show host John Ramsey used the term "midget" as a pejorative, comparing being the "tallest midget" as a way to describe the mediocrity of something as trivial as Nielsen ratings. 

John Ramsey should therefore be called upon to make a public apology on both twitter and the airwaves concerning his hurtful phrasing that cast people of short stature in a negative light. While done in a joking and passing manner, Ramsey has engaged in a long standing prejudice that depicts little people as an aberration, as something to be mocked, and as a group ultimately different from other people. 

Short stature can come from at least 200 different medical conditions, and yet, are thus entitled to the same dreams, ambitions, and rights as anyone else. One would think that in 2015 America, with all the progress this nation has committed to in terms of equal opportunity and equal rights, that the backwards attitude displayed by people like John Ramsey would not be taken so likely.

While he did not necessarily mean anything wrong by this statement, the casual nature of his remarks reveals how deep seated this prejudice remains in our culture. Organizations like Little People of America INC. have made significant strides in educating the general population about short stature people. If John Ramsey so chooses, he is invited to provide a donation to this organization as a sign of good will in addition to his public apology.

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