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Do Not Deport Paul Chambers, Father of Two American Citizens

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Tell ICE Director John Morton to stop Paul Chambers deportation!

Paul Anthony Chambers, a father of two US Citizen children, might be deported today to a country where he has no family. Paul came to the US from Jamaica in 1987 as a legal permanent resident looking for a better life and economic opportunity. He was 17. Today, Paul faces deportation thanks to a decades old conviction that separated him from his family, and that Paul has fought to overcome his entire adult life. Today, when his daughters and long time partner most need him he could be removed without even the chance to say goodbye.

In 1989, when he was 19, Paul was arrested while visiting a friend in North Carolina. They had not seen each other in a very long time, and he and Paul had chosen different paths in life. While visiting, the local police raided Paul’s friend’s home. Paul was at the wrong place at the wrong time; the police found drugs and guns in the home. On the advice of his court-appointed attorney, Paul pled guilty to a possession of a firearm during a drug offense. They told him it would be better to just take the plea and do the time rather than fight the case - despite Paul’s insistence on his innocence. He was not told of the immigration consequences the plea would have.

After being released from jail, Paul was eager to go back to being a father and husband. He worked hard to provide for his family and fulfilled his obligations with his parole officer responsibly and with dignity. On his last meeting with his parole officer in 1996, he was deported back to Jamaica. He had never once missed a meeting with his parole officer.

During the year Paul was in Jamaica, his fiance Margaret’s health deteriorated. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, had several toes amputated, and had undergone a kidney transplant. She has multiple visits to the doctor a week, and must have blood tests done weekly for the rest of her life. She was put on disability and is not able to work. Going through this would be difficult for anyone, but Margaret had to endure it while her partner was in another country and she was raising a newborn daughter, Kadijah. Paul, unable to bear from afar the suffering his young family was going through, came back to support them. That was 1997.

Since then, Paul has worked in New York City to provide for his family. In 2011 he was picked up by ICE from his place of work in Jamaica, Queens. Since then he has been between the federal and immigration detention systems, and is currently facing deportation any day now from Bergen County Detention Facility in New Jersey. While he was detained, his second daughter Layali was born 11 weeks premature, weighing only 1.5 pounds. She is now 8 months old, but is still well below normal weight for a child her age and requires constant care. Margaret’s condition continues to be fragile.

Now, instead of being with his family during this fragile time, Paul is confronting imminent removal. ICE has just denied his request for deferred action, and he could be deported any day.

Paul’s family needs his presence, love and support during this critical time. ICE can recognize this family’s needs, and allow Paul to return to them. This is a family we need to protect. Please help us tell ICE Director John Morton to keep Paul’s family together!

Please take action by signing this petition to ICE Director John Morton demanding that Paul Anthony Chambers stay in the United States with his family.

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