I strongly oppose the proposed Blacklands Corridor Tollway/Northeast Gateway project.

I strongly oppose the proposed Blacklands Corridor Tollway/Northeast Gateway project.

September 11, 2014
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City of Irving Councilmember Oscar Ward and 31 others
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Started by No Toll Road

We are asking for your support, by signature of this petition, in preventing approval and construction of the Blacklands Turnpike/Northeast Gateway between Greenville, TX and Garland , TX.  Your support in stopping this project is appreciated. Please be sure to attend, in person, the next public meeting:

Monday, Sept. 22
6:30 pm
Rockwall Performing Arts Center
1201 T.L. Townsend Drive
Rockwall, Texas 75087

In addiiton, please use the "submit comment" button at the following link to submit your views on the road to the NCTCOG: http://nctcog.org/trans/corridor/blacklands.asp. This will make your comments part of the public record. Still make sure you attend the meeting!

The negative impact to Hunt, Collin, Dallas and Rockwall County citizens doesn't justify a "toll road to nowhere" where 100% of revenues go to the Texas Turnpike Corporation/Public Werks, Inc.

Lack of Need- While NCTCOG claims a need for this road, they have not provided us with the final study showing this need. There is clearly not enough traffic in this area to require a new toll road!

Non-Compete Clause - The financial backers of this toll road will ensure a return on their investment by requiring a non competition clause. This was ALREADY done with SH-130. This clause would prevent existing roads that serve a similar purpose as the toll road from being upgraded or improved for at least 30 years. These roads could include IH-30, SH66, US380, FM6, and others. They could also add traffic restrictions such as slower speed limits, lights and other control measures used to force traffic to the toll road. Because of non compete clauses; taxpayer money can be used to compensate the toll road operators when it is proven that existing roads or newly built roads divert revenues from the toll road.

Taxation without Representation – When a privately owned company operates a toll road, there are no elected officials to appeal to when rates are increased or other grievances occur. 

Financial Risk -  If the project goes into default, as occurred with the Camino Colombia Turnpike in Laredo, then the government (TAXPAYERS!) would have to purchase the road to continue to use it. All of the destruction of property, homes, and loss of quality of life cannot be undone. TTC just walks away.

Abuse of Private Property Rights – A privately owned company using eminent domain to force citizens from their private property for the profit of the private company is a violation under the constitution of the United States of America and property ownership rights in the state of Texas. Companies like TTC have found ways to subvert the rights of American citizens.

Loss of Property Values - Property values will decrease for those homes that are adjacent or near the toll road. 

County roads could be cut off – Because building overpasses has a high cost, many county roads could become "dead-ends".  Travel times in and around the community will dramatically increase.

Delayed Response Time for First Responders – Many insurance companies will raise the cost of homeowners' insurance due to increased response times.

Noise & Light Pollution – The noise, light, and air pollution from 24/7 traffic on a major road will destroy the peaceful countryside.  No one wants to hear traffic rushing by or be blinded by the constant light pollution from cars and street lamps that a toll road brings to their neighborhood.

Who will be affected? 

Cities Severely Effected - Greenville, Clinton, Caddo Mills (unincorporated), Josephine, Nevada, Lavon, Wylie, Sachse, Rowlett and Garland.. Will the Clinton community be wiped out? Is splitting cities in half worth having a toll road?

Homes Lost - Many homes will be taken to build this toll road. Imagine the feeling when someone comes knocking, making you an offer for your home you worked hard for. Now imagine being a veteran who served our country and you are told a private company is coming to take your home. Imagine your grandparents who have had their land in their family for generations and they are told they need to get out. What about the families who spent all of their savings to purchase their home and will not qualify to purchase somewhere else? 

Farms Lost - Farmers are the caretakers of the land.They work hard to produce food and goods for the communities they are a part of. Where are they to go and start over?

Businesses Lost - Have a business on your property? Work hard to provide for yourself & your family? Put in long hours and invest in your business? That too will be gone. 

Please use your signature as a concerned citizen to help protect the citizens of Hunt, Collin, Rockwall and Dallas counties from a short sighted project that will only benefit TTC and their subsidiaries.  Please use your signature to help prevent them from taking our valuable land that we can never replace if we are forcibly removed or even paid market value.

We want the community to be heard.  The petition signatures & comments will be delivered to city councils, county commissioners, state legislatures, TxDOT, and the NCTCOG/RTC.


This petition made change with 4,481 supporters!

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Decision Makers

  • Oscar WardCity of Irving Councilmember
  • Mike CantrellDallas County Commissioner
  • Zim ZimmermanMayor pro Tem, Forth Worth
  • Rob FrankeMayor of Cedar Hill
  • B. Glen WhitleyTarrant County Judge