End Offshore Detention - Groom electorate 48hr challenge

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We the undersigned, residents of Groom Electorate, are writing to urge our Federal MP Dr John McVeigh to support the immediate evacuation of all of the men, women and children in Australia’s offshore detention camps on Nauru and Manus Island.

Many of these refugees have been imprisoned for over five years and according to a plethora of reports, the effects of this long-term detention and prolonged uncertainty is tantamount to torture.

We appeal to your compassion Dr McVeigh as a parent, and question how you can continue to support this regime where children have self-harmed and attempted suicide. Twelve people have died as a result of medical neglect, murder and despair.

Amnesty International and the Refugee Council of Australia have called for Australia to end all forms of immigration detention and to immediately provide adequate and timely medical care for refugees and asylum seekers. We, the undersigned Groom residents, support these calls and urge you to stop the abuse by evacuating the Nauru and Manus Island detention camps immediately.

We will be tabling this petition in 48 hrs time at 6.00pm on Thursday 6/12/18 and hand-delivering a list of all petitioners to Dr John McVeigh this Friday 7/12/18.

Please sign and share with Groom residents.