Clean Up Trans Canada Trail In Chilliwack River Valley.

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Does anyone other than myself care about the garbage and crime in the Chilliwack River Valley? All the free campsites are littered with squatters and unsightly crap. You can't leave your vehicle overnight anywhere because it will get broken into, rummaged thru for anything valuable, and in recent cases just vandalized for their giggles.

Not to profile anyone, but I'm sure we have all seen that individual on a bicycle with a kids trailer full of crap in tow. Sad part about that crap is it is ill gotten gains.

For what reason do I need to see such an individual cruising Chilliwack Lake Road at 11 pm?  It's sad that that is a daily reality when camping, fishing, or hiking anywhere up the river valley.

Yes there are those who think that they need a place to live, and I understand this, but do they need to steal from others and pollute the Trans Canada Trail in the process?

If everyone could share and support this petition, I am sure we could get the valley cleaned up, and a safe enjoyable place to go once again.

Email the listed MLA's, and the Mayor of Chilliwack to tell them they need to do their jobs that they were elected to do.

This petition needs 5000 signatures to submit this to a federal level in Victoria, so please sign and share immediately. Thanks.