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Whole Foods Market - Stop Plastic Waste Galore!

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Dear Mr. Mackey and Whole Foods Management: 

Please Practice What You Preach. Stop Plastic Waste Galore!

Under your company values: Wise Environmental Practices..."We respect our environment and recycle, reuse, and reduce our waste wherever and whenever we can."

We wish it were so. 

#1) How is it Whole Foods intentionally plastic wraps together six bottles of Whole Foods sparkling water for sale and considers this reducing waste? 

#2) How can Whole Foods still sell produce in unnecessary plastic “fish-net” packaging material, which is known to end up in our waterways and landfill, and is lethal to wildlife?

SOLUTION: The unnecessary packaging of all products must stop immediately for the sake of the planet, and the health and well-being of all animals. 

Implement true, earth friendly, reduced packaging practices by 12/31/16.

We want Whole Foods to step-up in a huge way and become a true retail leader in reducing packaging and waste, as stated in your company values. It seems, creating a much stronger sustainability team to implement your stated values is necessary immediately.  As we know, Whole Foods has purchasing power and can absolutely change the packaging of your suppliers. Example: Do not order any produce in fishnet packaging. Have produce loose. Customers can purchase as many as they'd like, using bags from home, or using provided bio-bags or small paper bags, which are re-usable or compostable.

We look forward to a reply from Whole Foods management by 11/30/16 to this petition, with an action plan your company will implement by 1/31/17, or sooner, in regard to reducing packaging waste. Start 2017 by following your stated value, "reduce our waste wherever and whenever we can." 

Thank you,

Sandy Weil, and all those who have signed this petition.

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